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Throughout 2015, our water purification industry, can be described as wind Chung clouds moving, growing competition in the industry will inevitably lead to re-allocation of water purification cutting the cake. How to Share on the cake to a larger one? This is not only water purification agents franchisee is thinking of the problem, the problem is the water purifier brand manufacturers must face. In the water purification industry investment situation continued tough environment. Analyze risk agents joined the six brand-name water purifier.

   a risk: difficult to win the trust of consumers, the products are no longer marketable

   water purifier is a water purification products, the purpose of purifying water is to drink straight, directly related to the health of consumers of products, people stuff vigilance entrance are very high, no-name water purifier difficult to win the trust of customers. There is a water purifier durable goods, products need to provide long-term services, and production of brand-name computers corporate life cycle is very short, can not provide long-term protection for the consumer services, consumer concerns difficult to eliminate.

   Risk II: poor quality and stable performance, operating large potential risks


   no-name machines, the company mostly small workshops, no formal workshop, unlike professional water purifier manufacturer of professional workshop , but no rigorous quality management system, product quality is unstable, water is water purification products, consumers want to buy a water purifier good quality, with a long time, and the quality brand-name water purifier is not guaranteed of.

   the risk of three: the market is not standardized, market issues continue to

   brands are doing the market, the market is strictly implement the exclusive agent system, brand-name companies that sell products, who give money are selling products, often based in a region of several agents, each agent do all the different prices, different policies, the market will soon make a mess, bring bad influence, who finally can be done, resulting in Marketing standards, very confusing.

   risk Four: No one can guide the market, detours, wrong way and ultimately,

   water purifier brand-name companies, not only sell products market, no market experience, not a mature the mode of operation of the market and ensure the success of the system, agents can only rely on their own way, will inevitably go the wrong way, detours, and explore high cost, high risk, so far. In the case of global business without a no-name dealers bigger and stronger.

   risk five: brand constantly changing, no serviceTube

   Chinas water purifier brand-name manufacturers, no more than one brand, not two, some as many as seven or eight, do down a sign, for a brand to do. Down a sign, a bunch of dead agents, the agents must also bear the failure of the sale of products and services, for some technical problems, manufacturers need to return to the detection of agents is powerless and can only drink the bitter cup alone.

   Risk VI: The total price war to fight, not to protect the interests of

   between miscellaneous miscellaneous brands and brand competition is the most important way to fight the price war, the reason why many agents do a hybrid brand water purifier miscellaneous brands want is low prices, profit margins, can have more up money, the result is been fooled hybrid brand manufacturers, and why? miscellaneous brands do take the brand of the retail price of reference, highlighting their large profit margins, can fool all know the suit can stall selling price stores do? miscellaneous brands with only miscellaneous brands than with miscellaneous brands to play, hit the last Chu Huojia getting lower and lower, and finally only to close up shop.

   remind you that in order to protect their own interests, please choose carefully water purifier manufacturers cooperation! Share one hundred billion fortune!

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