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   In recent years, the development prospects of the water purification industry is encouraging, attracting numerous companies settled also makes the water purifier market was mixed. Since ancient times, start of both, always only in the art intensive, and efforts to enhance the corporate brand of professional degrees in order to have the last laugh. Regardless of the industry, can do only so specialized and sophisticated stronger, water purifier companies only adhere to the professional attitude and concentrate on building high-quality water purification products, leading brand to success.




professional achievements brand water purifier enterprises to "simple" to "extreme" (Picture from the network)

   "simple", closely linked to consumer demand

   age of the Internet, the information explosion, more and more users lack patience, so must seize the user in a short time. Take Apple, in 1997, nearly bankrupt Apple, Steve Jobs return, cut 70% of the product line, focusing on the development of four products, making Apple to profitability, back to life. Even 5S, iPhone 5 models only. Brand positioning should focus, giving consumers a reason to choose you, one is enough. In addition, the product design, to do subtraction. Appearance should be simple, internal operating procedures to be simplified. Google Home will always be cool interface, Apples appearance, the appearance of Tesla Motors, is very simple.

   water purifier brand enterprises in the strategic expansion must learn to add and subtract, more important it is to do "minus" method, cut unnecessary links and projects, reasonable control costs. And in the moment Yan controlled more and more serious period, water purifier enterprises in brand image and product design also highlights the true meaning of "Jane", allowing consumers to easily harvest "Jane" experience, have more patience to concern water purifier brand.

   "extreme" boost brand upgrade

   pursuit of the ultimate product of the need to grasp the three principles: seize the consumer demand for products Watch pain points; do limit their ability to brand; importance value product manager, keep an eye on management. The service to achieve the ultimate Taobao has a well-known brands, including two small details can be seen in its pursuit of the ultimate service experience: customer service 24-hour shift work, the use of Little Red Riding Hood Thinkpad laptop to work, because the use of such a computer more convenient to switch windows, allows consumers less wait a few seconds; with a "CSO", that is the chief officer of surprises, every day looking at the potential user commentSalesman or expert, will find each other after the parcel sent out for this possible "opinion leaders" to create surprises.

   In addition, in this age of the Internet, the media are all industry, water purification companies to achieve the ultimate products and services, so that users beyond imagination, will naturally form a good word of mouth, brand influence of power further enhanced.

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