Primary and secondary schools will be forced to drinking wat
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   students in school drinking water will have higher quality requirements. January 10, 2016 Adolescent Health drinking water engineering entrepreneurship and innovation forum held in Nanjing, the experts at the meeting said that my countrys "primary and secondary drinking water health standards" has been reviewed by two forthcoming.

   "In 2006, the Ministry of Health has issued a new national standard of drinking water, the criteria for comparing the previous standards, has made great progress, but compared to developed countries, and part of the standard, there are some gap. "National drinking Water experts, the Ministry of health expert Advisory Committee on public health, the researchers said Cai ancestral roots.

   According to reports, the state and relevant departments have focused on the importance of drinking water standards, "National Youth Childrens Food Safety Initiative leadership group" Five years ago launched the "National Adolescent Health drinking water projects", joint disease, Jiangsu Province control Center, Nanjing University, and other units jointly drafted the "primary and secondary schools drinking water health standards" are in process.

   "The specification of the standard, the drinking water is now part of the developed countries the gap indicators are to be improving." Geography professor at Nanjing University School of Science and Engineering, National Drinking Water Quality Standards drafters Dong Ping said the standard on 14 June forthcoming third round of review would, "if passed, will be enforced in the national primary and secondary schools. by then, our students will be expected to drink and American students as safe water."

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