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   At present, the water purification industry has shown a boom, it indicates that household water purifiers will be universal in our country. And behind this prosperity is widespread there are two, one is a lot of water purifier manufacturers generally compete with emotion large investment difficult, and second, a lot of water purifier manufacturers can not help agents open market. These two phenomena of mass destruction business is very large, water purifier manufacturers to survive and develop, we must open up the market to sell products through water purification agents to join, then how to solve these two problems? According to their years of experience in development accumulated effective ways and means to maintain agents in this share to the general water purifier manufacturers:

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   how important agents for water purifier manufacturers, water purifier must have the majority of people who are know. But now people are sad that some manufacturers knew the importance of agents, but do not pay attention to maintaining good agents, even though the agents lost, is still unmoved. Some factory managers, agents lost, do not reflect the manufacturers vulnerabilities, but then the clerk of work more than a dissatisfaction. And almost all the energy in the development of new customers, the company set up a large part of the investment, but few manufacturers have customer center, responsible for maintaining agents. Deal with after-sales issues, which reflects its focus on China Maiyou agents and maintenance services.

   a: training qualified clerk. Loyal employees to be able to bring loyal customers, sales success is to keep existing customers and expansion from new customers, so that more and more sales, sales performance is getting better. So, from clerk to proceed to ensure that every employee is trained before you start working with clients including communication skills, problem solving skills, expertise and knowledge of water purification.

   II: Special treat special clients. Some agents over the completion of the task brings a higher profit margin, some agents for companies with a more long-term strategic significance. So Mai water purification agents according to their own value and profitability to customer segments, and pay close attention to high-value customers, to ensure that special services and treatment they deserve can be obtained, as the most basic protection of the region exclusive, to the agency Suppliers to create a good development environment, enabling them to become manufacturers of loyal customers.

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