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  [US Tim] net long-term drinking water purifier water hazards do? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 268 Published: 2019-5-21 15:02:16 contamination of drinking water in some areas in the region. In this case, many families are choosing to install water purifiers, filtration of tap water. But some people say, use a water filter is not safe, because the trace elements in the water are filtered out, also said the water purifier will also have a secondary pollution. Is this really true? To answer this question, we must first understand how water purifier. Now many appliance manufacturers and emerging manufacturers in the production of water purifiers, type more and more, but the principle is nothing more than two ways: ultrafiltration water purifier and reverse osmosis water purification. Ultrafiltration refers to the decontaminated solution, separation or separation technology transmission method, to achieve the purification of membrane solution was concentrated. Normal penetration refers to two different concentration of a dilute solution in the same vessel separated by a semipermeable membrane, a dilute solution will naturally flow to one end side of the other end of the concentrated solution at this time will form a pressure the difference is called osmotic pressure. RO refers to a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied on one side of a concentrated solution, the concentrated solution will then flow to a dilute solution, such that the flow direction opposite to the original direction of the permeate. Difference between the two is that the water purifier of the RO membrane pore size, pore size of reverse osmosis membrane is only one percent of the ultrafiltration membrane, the chemical contaminants in water can be removed heavy metals, pesticides and trichloromethane. UF water purifier mainly able to remove particulate contaminants and bacteria, but also those of reverse osmosis water purifier can be done Here, we know, water purifier cleared mainly some harmful substances. And qualified water purifier is a food-grade material, in general, is pollution-free. The role of water in the body: digestion of food, thirst, blood circulation and body temperature regulation. I never heard of a person can drink mineral nutritional supplements. Body extract nutrients share of mineral nutrients in water less than 1%, and the remaining 99% are from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, chicken meat, eggs. The biggest advantage is the natural water purifier filter harmful substances, chemicals rust water, sand, gel and chlorine, odor, color, pesticides, bacteria, impurities, toxins, heavy metals. These things bring harm is far greater than that point you trace elements in waterAnd minerals benefits. So you still think the long-term drinking water purifier water hazards do?

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