Water purifiers to join a brand about how much money-
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water purification agents need to invest much money? With the gradual warming of the water purifier market, various brands of household water purifiers mushroomed to take out, so household water purifiers joined the agency conforms to the needs of consumers, more effort in terms of products, quality assurance , but also to ensure structural integrity of its products, the operator is not easy to fall into a passive or predicament.



water purification agents need to invest much money


1, water purification franchise store decoration decoration about how much money? How much water purifiers to join? Water purifier with ordinary household appliances are not very different, so in the decoration of the store, not the pursuit of luxury high-profile style. When customers buy a water purifier, little attention facade of luxury, they are more concerned about the appearance of the product, the use of specific products and brands. As long as the quality of the water purifier pass, store clean and beautiful, not to worry about business. In general, before the water purifier decoration franchise, the franchisee will give water purifier decoration standards, and give some subsidies on renovation costs, so that the water purifier franchisee renovation zero pressure. Therefore, clear spring water purifier is also recommended to join in the major cooperation in the choice of manufacturers, the manufacturers detailed consultation store decoration business details.


2, product selection to open stores in the choice of water filter water purification products, should pay attention to the price of water purifiers and select the appropriate local water quality water purification products. Price, it is best adapted to the local consumer price level, according to the price of different models, technologies about water purification products in the 500-4000 range. Try to choose the types of products in accordance with local water quality, for example polluted water, thoroughly filter the water heavy metals and bacteria more suitable for reverse osmosis water purification, and the cost is relatively cost RO RO membranes used in water purification higher, reverse osmosis water purifier price is higher. At the same time prepare the kitchen water filter according to the different needs of the family, whole house water purifiers, water machine.


Marco Polo is a focus on the field of water purification, in order to "build quality water purification life" for the purpose of water purification equipment manufacturing enterprises. Chi-made ingenuity, deep water purification industry for many years, the company has developed a number of patents covering the rise of a new industry integration, technology and other new things together.

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