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   rapid industrial development, peoples living standards are improving rapidly, but at the same time, environmental pollution issues are also gradually increased. Water pollution has become a problem that everyone concerned. In the United States and Europe, starting from the source water purification, reached drinking water standards, most countries are directly open the tap on the water, although the country also said that he reached the standards for drinking tap water, and even said the national water standards than foreign which country should be high. But we want to turn on the tap on the water, I do not think some are willing to

   Now every household need to install a water filter, 1.4 billion people in the market, a huge cake to attract numerous domestic and foreign brands of water purifiers, manufacturers have joined them. Every year the market has a variety of technical principles, various types of water purification equipment invented. According to statistics, the market water purifier brand up to 6000. So for want of water purifier to join the brand, choose a water purifier which brand is good? Currently the most popular, the most popular for consumers, naturally comes as the United States imports Kai Feile a water purifier.


   why consumers do not like the other brands of water purifiers, water purifiers but then Kai Feile so love it? Kai Feile thanks to advanced water purification technology strength. We all know that the main factors determine the quality of the water purifier is a water purifier filter.


   Kaifei Le purifier employed in the United States imported filter. Stronger than the domestic filter decontamination capability, longer life. Kai Feile originally a US company, in 2015 to set up R & D base in China, with US technology to drink clean water for the health of the Chinese people.

   of tap water compared with other countries, the situation is more serious pollution, the water there are a lot of plastic waste toxins and heavy metals melting products. General boil tap water can destroy the bacteria inside, not the removal of organic pesticides and heavy metals inside. The market average water purifier brand, quality can not be guaranteed, substandard quality filter. Obviously own small workshops inside made out of OEM cartridges, he said that it was its own independent research and production, not only mainly the precision filter, and life is not long, which seriously damaged the interests of consumers

   [ 123] 鍑彶鍕掑噣姘村櫒 Kai Feile water purifier RO reverse osmosis water purifier to the representative, known for high filtration performance, more and more Chinese families are welcome. In addition to continuously push forward the reverse osmosisInnovation and development and technology upgrades through the water purifier, water purifiers top ten brands Kai Feile continues to break industry pain points, while continuing to enhance the strength of the filter, but also continue to optimize the speed upgrade water and wastewater ratio optimization, quality products to win market acceptance.

   present purposes, Kai Feile water purifier has become the market mainstream products, market sales continue to rise, water purification agents also gradually increased in import water purifiers top ten brands Kifissia Le technological strength under the brand innovation-driven, will drive further escalation of reverse osmosis technology to meet consumers a richer, fuller, more comfortable and healthy drinking water needs!

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