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   the evening of April 21, the worlds leading home appliance brand Whirlpool hold "To clean life" living kitchen appliances & new conference, the official declared in 2020 health appliances matrix. Which swept drag one robot T9 has the strongest suction 8000Pa comprehensive than similar products, readily absorb 15000Pa S3 strong suction effect is also proud of the pack, 2 other health bacteriostatic water heaters, one minute filter out 1.5 liters of pure water purification machines new also simultaneously debut, health science and technology for the consumer to create "Whirlpool healthy home." More users send multiple new starter welfare, a public highlights confusing.


   new bursts of healthy fight: 8000Pa strongest suction cleaning robot unveiled

   at the press conference, Fan steel to cover the personal cleaning, household cleaning , rest assured that eating "healthy and clean trilogy" for the lead, breath released six new series of home appliances, is committed to a comprehensive solution to household cleaning problems for the user to create a healthier and better life. Among them, the health Whirlpool bath category introduced two new water heaters, gas water heaters VA1 series supports 10 seconds speed thermostat, which means that the heat, to avoid the health risks caused by water storage circulation, oxygen-free copper water tank has a good antibacterial effect; electric water heaters WA1 series with a 80 鈩?temperature antibacterial functions, effective sterilization, in order to bring a healthy and comfortable bath.


   field release of the other two were cleaning category has a large suction Electrical life than similar products, sufficient to meet the health needs of home users; such as Whirlpool T9 sweep drag one robot has unprecedented suction 8000Pa, only a minority of other products spike suction 2000Pa; Whirlpool readily absorb S3 upgrade again on the basis of the same category of products 12000Pa suction on the outstanding power 15000Pa called the best in the industry. Healthy diet, Whirlpool is launched beyond a water efficiency, ease of fresh water to drink water purifier C90, and support for multi-dimensional IH heating, precise temperature control of the transformer pressure cooker IHP0401P.


   From the above release of new health appliances, Whirlpool is practicing on April 8 press conference brand new upgrade "home health Whirlpool" brand concept, fit the consumer appliances high-temperature sterilization, purification, cleaning preferences,Also further defined by the Whirlpool brand ambassador Wei Taixun to give the "warm heart, caring" label.

   In fact, look back Whirlpool journey can be found in recent years, Whirlpool has always been committed to providing consumers with healthier products and services, 2019 force create "a century of innovation Wyatt enjoy healthy" brand strategy in line with the health technology appliances, electric water heater sales category is the largest Chinese market TOP5, foreign brands TOP2; therefore in 2020 in the face of sudden tide of health appliances under the Whirlpool, it appears to be more at ease. The new conference means that Whirlpool will continue making appliances to accelerate the health of the upgrade process, started a comprehensive health Battle.


   large conference frequent trick: starting welfare services together into battle

   In addition to the amazing new health appliances, Whirlpool entire conference, there are a number of major strokes frequent. A new product was given the starting price, buy gifts Gifts multiple benefits, net red live link after the conference is massive coupons, surprise prize send non-stop. Among them, Whirlpool gas water heaters VA1 series is on the reservation, April 30 price of 1899 yuan hand 13L, 16L only 2099 yuan, and installation of the entire free bonus offer on the basis of three-piece tool brand of manners, namely free installation fee, free materials.


   four other new models in the conference will be officially opened for sale the evening, Whirlpool electric water heaters WA1 series starting price 1599 yuan, donated brand cookware piece; Whirlpool T9 sweeping robot drag integrally Ref 2199 yuan, the user 500 to send the original front Mop 2; S3 Our Whirlpool readily absorbing only 649 yuan; IH Whirlpool starting price benefits of pressure cooker IHP0401P 1499, before the user 500 It gave 199 yuan worth juice cup; Whirlpool R600-C90 daily water purifier priced at 4980 yuan, up by 1,000 yuan during the new listing, you can grab 3980 yuan to start, and a bonus set of filters.


   In addition, Whirlpool for users to create a comprehensive and intimate after-sales service is also very commendable. Before and after the special period, Whirlpool aftermarket engineers on-site to provide water heater installation services, will make strict protective measures 9Shi, to protect the health of consumers from all aspects. In 43 regions, 185 cities organization, 2800+ counties covered by the blessing service network, Whirlpool achieved 98% coverage of rural service capabilities, and with 100,000 service engineers to provide users with 30-minute response, cargo 24-hour service, once service to complete the "sunshine 321 service." The user wants comprehensive health rejuvenating a better life, may wish to go online mall Suning Tesco, the country Suning Tesco stores and offline channels such as Lynx advice to buy.

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