Water purifier too expensive onot worth youhealth
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鍑€姘村櫒澶吹 杩樻槸浣犵殑鍋ュ悍涓嶅€奸挶 that friends, Xiao Bian again "inappropriate" chatted water purifier, as usual, his friend a look of impatience. I asked him, now so much water pollution, tap water in your home is obviously yellow, you would rather not endure install water purifier that you boil and drink all right, "the friends answer was simple:"?? Well water purifier is certainly helpful, the key I make three thousand a month, it is necessary more than three thousand a water purifier. My monthly moonlight do not you just do not know, this stuff installed Hexibeifeng you let me go? "

  " You have to have cheap water purifier, ah, online casual Soso know. The problem is, even 300 yuan a water purifier you will feel your right? To put it plainly, not too expensive water purifier, you did not even put their health seriously. "Friends silent.

   The most interesting is that this friend no less to spend per month light smoke five or six hundred, and fixed dinner every day half a catty white wine. The harmful effects of smoking, drinking, he would not know, but still enjoy In fact, if you really think your water purifier, as long as alcohol and tobacco under the control of, and tolerance could save him a few months out of the money, but also healthy. the reason why not install a water purifier, and tobacco and alcohol is a passion reason, are not value your health, but may not be accurate to say, as far as I know, every time he is really sick uncomfortable or will go to the hospital each time to pay medical expenses when registration was quite straightforward. [ 123]


鍑€姘村櫒澶吹 杩樻槸浣犵殑鍋ュ悍涓嶅€奸挶

   Therefore, there is such a person in the world: you earnestly advised him, he thinks that bother you; you let him invest health, but they soon he too expensive. will find that sum ought to invest in the health and save the money never less than - nothing more than to spend before and after the loss of health, or loss of health

   none of us do not want your body sick, but do not know how prevention, people are not dying of disease, but from ignorance! even if you have more money, no health matter, what is the use of money?

   in order not to lose your health before it is too, now drink healthy water, the water purifier home.

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