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   "person may day without food, but not get water." Water is the source of life. Water industry associations, vice president of Anhui Province, Chuzhou Yangtze Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Cuiya worried for the safety of drinking water. He told reporters: "We are talking about the social principal contradiction has transformed the conflict between the inadequate development of a better life for the peoples growing needs and imbalances in my view, water, air, soil, there are these contradictions.." [ 123]

   China is becoming a household water purifier just need

   increasing environmental pollution, water purification process lag. Water industry associations, vice president of Anhui Province, Chuzhou Yangtze Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Cuiya worried for the safety of drinking water.

   Over the past decade, he has been advocating drinking water. "In fact, water treatment plants by water purification, disinfection process, is drinkable, but from water treatment plants and then to the user terminal, the intermediate network through multiple links to, pumps, secondary water supply equipment, secondary pollution can not be avoided. "

   how to do? many countries have adopted water supply branch. Tap water to separate domestic water and drinking water directly on the existing water pipe system, then the addition of a separate high-quality water supply pipes, the water delivered to the user, for residents to drink.

  . "But for the national conditions of China at this stage, it is not necessarily the optimal solution," Cui Ya said: "The plan is to use two home water purifier for drinking water quality checks completed in the terminal, in this way more efficient, and better water quality. "

   it also gave birth to the prosperity of China water purifier market. "Domestic water purifier market is in a stage of rapid development in the past 3 years, the water purifier in the explosive stage of development, year after growth of 80%, 70%, 60%, is expected in 2020 before coming clean water the market is still in a stage of rapid development, market outlook, "Cui Ya said:" I think the whole water purifier market has matured, becoming China home water purifier just need products "

   the future. showdown on two key words

   in the future, Cuiya believe the water purification industry will showdown on two key words.

   The first key word is "things." "Things are accelerating penetration of the respective areas of application, gave birth unattended retail, healthcare accurate, intelligent manufacturing, and other large number of new models of newFormat, water purifier industrial, commercial competition, the market Meridian is changing. "

   In fact, since 2015, water purifier through intelligent design, information platform connecting things," to remind filter replacement remote APP by phone, water, leaks, "the" Internet + movement "has been in the industry opened the curtain. voice reminder function, temperature monitoring and control, temperature alarm, water level control, water level monitoring alarm many companies become standard.

   Cuiya saying that it was the evolution of the entire industry. "by this internet platform enables real information and data flow together, resulting in huge productivity, breaking the asymmetric information, the promotion of cross-border industrial upgrading. "

   Another keyword is" service. "" Water purifier different from ordinary home appliances, water purifier is the need to periodically replace the filter, it is not a one-time consumer, not to replace the filter easily lead Secondary pollution. "

  " So, no matter what brand, no matter how you + Internet, we need to have a strong service support. From this perspective, a traditional water purifier manufacturers from equipment providers transform into a service provider. "Cuiya said:" This is a back keyword, often overlooked. "

   (Source: Angola online)

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