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   Similarly sell mobile phones, Apple 8 a listed Jibei sold out, and a listing of some unknown brand, nobody cares. All mobile phones, some say Apple 8 good quality, bad quality of those small sign, so the two gap. In fact, the quality of the brand is a reflection of the real gap is that they generate brand, water purifier manufacturers of the same.



   Now few business owners do not know the importance of brand. Of course, knowing is one thing, do not do it is another matter. However, I believe, to water purification industry, for example, now competition is so fierce, a water purifier manufacturers to survive the decline, the brand will be decided.

   now the main business or do OEM OEM (OEM / ODM), or is investment and foreign trade. In fact, you can put apples examples 8 and the general mobile phone used in the water purification industry. If an enterprise to create a strong brand, then no doubt the water purifier business can sell more products, hire more agents can, on the contrary, there is no brand, will become increasingly difficult to survive. Therefore, they are not to be promptly brand swallowed competition.

   In fact, a problem encountered by enterprises operating, investment issues, trade issues, because there is no brand. When there is no brand, you find bitter agents, not necessarily find, tired, he still did not return. But when you have a brand, investment and foreign trade will become very easy, this time is people come to you, you have become a leader.

   want to hire more agents, it is necessary to build the brand.

   I believe that the water purifier brand manufacturers may wish to learn fresh water plus brand. Fresh water is used to add OEM started, but now has become a top ten brands of water purifiers, the secret to its success lies in its brand to do the first step precise brand positioning - say goodbye to heavy metals, fresh water every day, plus, in doing after a good accurate brand positioning, fresh water plus second step is to build brand, expanding fame of fresh water plus product, reputation is a resource. Add fresh water attaches great importance to build a reputation and brand reputation development through deepening effect step by step.

   In short, do not start to build the brand, it really will become increasingly difficult to walk. Alone and old customers, a business can not feed Moreover, those customers are not necessarily all of the enterprise full trust, so water purifier manufacturers start now to build a brand it.

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