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   "The power of examples is endless," which is that people often say goes. An industry, the role models are encouraged by warlords fighting banner, is the lighthouse guides the direction of the company. There is an example where there are forces of progress, promise big water purifier market still no one can be called a true "leader." "Leader" is the result of market competition, survival of the fittest, water purifier companies must have to make progress, and strive to become the industry benchmark for their own fighting spirit of enterprise.




infinite power of example to the water purifier business "leader" leap forward (picture from the network)

   has a comprehensive product planning system

   enterprise must have a comprehensive benchmark for product planning system, especially the social repercussions can lead to product design. General business models of planning will reflect the entire industry market trends and even affect an industry. And a comprehensive product planning system should be from a variety of angles of view, a plan to meet the basic needs of the consumer groups, social products and provide better services.

   For example, from a practical product to personalized products, from basic colors to all-inclusive, and product planning, product development and improvement in hand, the extension of the product line. It is necessary to produce some of the more simple, the price slightly lower water purifier products, so that more consumers to enjoy affordable water purification products; also produce some high-end intelligent features more complete products, accounting more high-end market, and to promote and foster environmental awareness among consumers.

   can grasp the opportunity to accept the challenge


   is now a strong purchasing power of consumers, the main market consumers are 80, 90 after, they better acceptance of new products and technologies , ability to grasp the dynamics is also stronger, if the industry establish a benchmark enterprise, will be able to promote the rapid spread, leading the industry toward healthy direction. Coupled with the increase in the younger age groups for support of domestic products, for domestic water purification industry is concerned, this is a huge opportunity and a challenge, opportunity is the transmission of a variety of favorable environment for development.

   abide by integrity, eliminate false propaganda

   water purifier profit-driven corporate social responsibility and a pair of natural seemingly contradictory body, but in reality is not. Within the enterprise can afford, the more social responsibility, the more respected, more good reputation. In contrast, corporate social abandonResponsibility, in order to grab more profits, loss of moral bottom line of the business community will eventually be cast aside eliminated, destroyed in the market.

   water purifier business models and understand their own foothold in this business is honesty, and integrity of a company will be calm in the face of consumers, faced with social, rather than using fictitious information to deceive consumers, induce the purchase of their products. Water purifier business models should abide by integrity, eliminate false propaganda, leading the industry to create a good atmosphere for the development.

   Indeed, the development of an industry, we need to have a leading industry role model enterprise. In this way, for those who want to go beyond some of the water purifier business leaders businesses an incentive to play a role, it will encourage these companies to better advance the better direction.

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