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   As data analysis application penetration and development in the water industry, the impact of information technology on water industry increasingly significant. Perceive operational status of urban water supply and drainage system through data acquisition, wireless networks, water pressure gauge and other intelligence in real-time online monitoring equipment Water attracted more and more attention. Since the "1025" period, investment in Chinas water industry is increasing, and with the continued integration of emerging technologies and intelligent industry, the corresponding wisdom water market will also be released. Currently, both the government departments or associations, are still no clear definition of wisdom water. At the same time, the water supply situation and the problems of water management, water services and allows the development of wisdom not wait.


   wisdom is imperative to build water

   of severe water shortages. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2017, my countrys per capita water resources is 2074.53 m3 / person, only a quarter of the world average, is nation-building on the wisdom of water very seriously. In May 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and Reform Commission issued "national urban water supply facilities renovation and construction of" Twelfth Five-Year "plan and 2020 vision" plan pointed out that relying on technology to enhance the level of support efforts to increase scientific and technological development of urban water supply enhance scientific and technological innovation, promote the production and operation automation, business management of information technology to enhance the level of modernization of urban water supply industry. Not only that, the industry standard "urban water supply pipe network operation, maintenance and safety technical regulations" (CJJ207-2013) proposed that the WSO conditions should carry out network optimization scheduling work, to ensure the quality of urban water supply services under the premise should reduce water consumption. Specifically optimized scheduling work should include: the establishment of water forecasting system; the establishment of dispatch command system; establish network mathematical model; establish dispatch plan database; establishing scheduling decision support system.

   of the United Nations as one of 13 water-poor countries, especially in water resources per capita in the north and parts of the eastern region seriously low. Thus, the partys "Nineteen big" judgment and social development in the new era of "inadequate" and "comprehensive" new contradictions are also present in the water supply industry, the construction of water supply service side of the urgent need to optimize and upgrade the water industry urgently need cutting-edge information technology to drive their overall production to enhance the level of service, need to be efficient and accurate way allocation of water resources, wisdom, forward-looking perspective to solve the water ringEnvironmental issues. Water wisdom on the value of government, society and users that enhance emergency response capabilities will maximize the water companies, including repair, water quality monitoring network security and so on. , Water pressure on the water supply network by modeling a more accurate calculation of refinement, different cell science will distribute the water pressure, water pressure is not enough high-rise building the phenomenon will be greatly reduced.

   According to the analysis of valid data "Urban Water Supply Statistical Yearbook", Chinas water supply network leakage rate has been high, although from 2008 to 2015 by the 18.72% gradually reduced to 16.75%, but compared more "water ten" provisions of the "2020 National public water supply pipe network leakage rate should be controlled within 10%," there is a large gap. Long pipe leakage from the unit of view, pipe leakage per unit of length is 1.86 m3 / h 道 one thousand meters, much higher than the level of developed countries. It is estimated that the economic value of water leakage in urban water network of up to 200 billion yuan. Solve leakage requires a comprehensive sales management and poor control solutions undercounting system, under the influence of changes brought about by new technologies, development of water wisdom is not only necessary to control leakage, but also very useful. Development of new technology, we should say, the wisdom of water has become the direction of water management.

   fermentation favorable policies, market demand for the release, wisdom Water will usher in a golden period of development. The report shows, is expected to 2023, Chinas water industry wisdom will reach about 25.1 billion yuan. Water Wisdom has become a hot market mining, but want to share the cake really that simple? Water Wisdom exactly how to build?

   there is wisdom water development difficulties

   wisdom water continues to develop, but the industry is not uniform due to its knowledge, lack of standards and data sharing mechanism is not complete and so, in this market there are short board .

   on the difficulty there is wisdom waterworks construction, general manager of Guangdong Water Tan Qifeng said: First of all, the main difficulty lies in the wisdom of Water Development cognitive problems, so far, all knowledge of the wisdom of water is inconsistent, not unity , will one of the nodes, a part, such as digital transmission mistaken for wisdom water, which is not related with promotion efforts. Secondly, the current lack of national water wisdom for wisdom to systematic criteria of water, the lack of top-level design, there is no planning, everyone Each His Own. Again, another water development wisdomDifficulty is incomplete data and data silos problem. Finally, my wisdom water, there are still amounts of data security issues.

   the wisdom of building the core water is "smart network"

   the wisdom of water in the core part is the "intelligence network."

   water supply pipe network leakage is a common problem faced by domestic and international water industry, pipeline leakage not only wasting a lot of high-quality water resources, but also may lead to secondary disasters, burst pipes, secondary pollution, threat to water security. Therefore, control of pipeline leakage is to improve the operating efficiency of the water supply network, an important measure to protect the safety of water supplies. The reason Jiugong pipeline leakage, the main difficulty lies in: First, technically, leakage is difficult to accurately assess, monitor, control, making it difficult to develop control measures scientific, optimized; Second, in the management, leak loss of a complex, involving many departments, it is difficult to accurately quantify decomposition, making it difficult to formulate relevant assessment management measures. Difficulties technical and management intertwined, often feel unable to start the water supply unit, low leakage control efficiency.

   companies how to break from technology and management to solve the problem? The threshold of wisdom pipe network construction of high? Respect wisdom to build pipeline network, control, modeling requires specialized personnel, professionals need to learn as modeling of hydraulics, pipe network zoning aspects need to engage professionals in urban drainage, it is necessary to know the local situation, You have to understand software development. Able to gather so many professionals, companies need to have a certain body mass can be achieved.

   technology, Guangdong Water relying on Guangdong powerful platform resources, research and development has been with the Harbin Institute of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, UK I2O, Tencent and other universities and companies in the wisdom of water research to establish strong relations of cooperation, as the implementation of water wisdom to provide strong technical support.

   for a delivery pipeline leakage problem, Guangdong Water Task Force established intelligence network research, after five years research project, the establishment of targeted solutions, research was "Guangdong Province scientific and technological progress prize. " At the same time, Guangdong technology with their own advantages "pipeline leakage detection technology", launched the "town leakage control technology", is the core of the textbook industry. To further enhance the R & D pipeline leakage control hardware level, reducing the cost of implementation of internal and external projects, the company and the United Kingdom signed an exclusive partnership I2O pressure monitoring and control equipment mainland; and well and Technology,Ningbo water meter co Lora-based wireless communication technology developed a new generation of smart meter, and the large-scale application of the model in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Water Division.

   intelligence network is a complete solution to the water supply network and information technology products organic composition, spatial database program hydraulic pipe network model based on integrated water supply network dropout detection and control of key technologies, the network asset management, model operation, leakage control, scheduling decisions and other applications complete integration as a whole, to help water companies to quickly build science, improve the network transmission and distribution system and improve urban water management quality and meet the wisdom of water to build a new normal network operations in the demand for water services. Chang Ping program at the application example, which reduces the cubic pipeline leakage from 23% to 11%.


   In addition to the intelligence network, Guangdong water based on its many years of R & D results in water power, water ecology, water environment and other water areas of expertise, combined with networking, big data , cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge block chain information technology, research and development in accordance with the "core product independent research and development, maintaining technological leadership; common software and hardware products, selected research and development partners, to master the key technology" principle, has been initially completed Construction of wisdom water system products, formed a set of industry-leading product solutions. Products divided according to business intelligence network, intelligence production, control and intelligence customer intelligence 4 series. Future, water will be deep in Guangdong wisdom water sector.



   wisdom Water is a huge complete industrial chain, not only need hardware support, also need software support, not only the industry experience the companys tradition, but also the need for new entrants capital technical support. Therefore, the wisdom of the future water will be more strategic cooperation, through the powerful combination, complementary advantages, resource sharing, data sharing, to accelerate the development and upgrading of water wisdom, expand market share, reshape the shape of the industry, create greater commercial value.

   (Source: Polaris Environmental Network, invasion deleted)

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