To the health of our water pollution swamped it must be a bo
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   At present the water quality of Chinas introduction of worrying, so people must pay attention to the daily drinking water, the water can not drink any water to drink. The best is that people can learn to "pick" water to drink, that is not long-term consumption of water to drink, to drink for health benefits of water, this will be exempted from the "problem" of water!

   now many experts advocate that people drink purified water, the only way to achieve the water healthy water standards. Water to be purified through household water purifiers, removes substances harmful to human health, which we call "clean water." No way, drinking water safety in jeopardy, and only after the household water purifiers purify water to meet the needs of people living! How to get healthy purified water? Of course you need to install a water purifier on the line.



   However, people also need to understand what life in water not suitable for drinking, for example:

   of water

   A lot of people used to drink direct water boiled water, but it can not just drink. Because the tap water is chlorinated, not only affect the taste of the residual chlorine, organic compounds may also be combined with water to generate trihalomethane carcinogens. Increasingly serious contamination of tap water, the aging pipeline and secondary water pollution and other issues, leading to unhealthy pollutants pesticides and byproducts, lead, mercury, asbestos, etc. are likely present in the water, boil tap water can not remove these contaminants .


   "did not taste of boiled water, or drink it." Many children cola every day, fruit drinks their hands, with drinks instead of water, is tantamount to spend money problems. Such action would not achieve replenishment to the body, but also reduces appetite, affect digestion and absorption.

   bottled water

   bottled water tub accommodating be recycled repeatedly, over time, is likely to cause fungal infections. Those who are not regular manufacturers of products, hygiene more difficult to guarantee. Moreover, a water cooler water due to repeated boiling, heat, likely to cause mineral deposits, but also bad for your health.

   bottled water

   easy to carry, namely opening the lid to drink, bottled water is favored by more and more consumers. However, the polyester bottles of water-containing substance used may often cause chronic poisoning in humans, especially when the bottle is in a high temperature environment (if a person like a case of bottled water prepared in the car)After not timely or open drink, harmful substances will seep water, long-term drinking will harm health.

   Summary: healthy water is very important, so, you do not want to drink go wrong, you must know how smart "pick" water to drink. Act now, to install water purifiers, health and drinking water so you do not worry! Healthy Living, whole house water purification system from the start!

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