The difference between mineral wat and boiled wat
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   in our lives often have drinking water, purified water, purified water, water, water, mineral water, mineral water and drinking water What is the difference it below with your look?.




Mineral water and drinking water that is complementary to the main body of water, which also has different, for example, from different sources, different substances contained in the water, and has a different effect, with the following You simply find out.


of water known as the cool white open, cold boiling water, is ordinary life most people drank water consumption. It was light and tasteless, extremely common, but have a very important role in conditioning on the physiological mechanism of the human body. Water is the best fluid replacement substance, and can penetrate cell membranes, promote metabolism, enhance immune function, improve the bodys resistance to disease; but also to eliminate fatigue, so that the body recuperate as quickly as possible, renew and improve the endocrine glands and the heart, liver, kidney function.


Mineral water from deep underground natural or artificial gush disclosed, unpolluted water through underground mines. Mineral water generally contain lithium, strontium, zinc, bromide, iodide, silicic acid, selenium, free carbon dioxide and total dissolved solids. Long-term consumption of mineral water, the human body does have a more significant role in nutrition and health care. Natural mineral water content to Chinese standards more silicic acid, lithium, strontium, for example, these elements have calcium, magnesium similar biological effect, can promote the growth and development of bones and teeth, it is conducive to bone calcification, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis loose; but also to prevent high blood pressure, protect the heart, reducing the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Mineral lithium and bromine can regulate the central nervous system activity, and sedation with emotional stability. Long-term drinking mineral water can supplement dietary deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine and other nutrients to enhance immune function, anti-aging, cancer prevention, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, gout and rheumatic diseases also have a good effect.


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