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  Focus on water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Victor clean water booster University Games, the marketing model home ground for the kings visit, Minister pleasure Marketing Liushu Bo, Patio commercial straight drink machine new listing lead the future health of drinking patterns and so on industry events one after another. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (10.31-11.06) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Victor clean water booster University Games

   November 3, 2016, Anhui Institute of Finance fifteenth track meet was held as scheduled, Victor clean water as one of the well-known brand, adhering to the "promote the Chinese water development, improve the drinking water quality of family life," the corporate mission, this portrait of power games, while the athletes and the school for students the audience to provide clean, safe, healthy drinking water. Campus drinking water requirements of high natural extraordinary, is directly related to the health of students, for drinking water health, environmental protection, wading product qualification, quality naturally very high demand. Victor purifier water purification equipment from dozens of companies come to the fore, has become one of the Games drinking water suppliers. [Click for more]

   marketing model home ground for the kings visit, Minister pleasure Marketing Liushu Bo

   terminal market is winning ground, who control terminal who is the winner. House Lay brands to establish a good marketing team, and innovative marketing to create a home pleasure nine models to new ideas and achieved excellent results. Xiao Bian recently on the market Liushu Bo Lays home minister had an exclusive interview, discover and share new ideas and methods of operation specific marketing model, want to pass to the majority of dealers to take this opportunity to benefit the road to promote the brand, highlighting the brand Lays home Advantage. Surging water industry, many brands from the skies in an attempt to scrape the water industry sub-cake. [Click for more] resolve Hua Kang water purifier where what was good according to the PRC data show that over the past few years inside, in 2013 80% 2014 70% to 50% growth this year. Growth appears to be slowing down, because the actual capacity of the market has increased, the overall market is still very large. TV, air conditioning starting from 0 to reach 100 billion market, from high growth is generally 5-8 yearsFrom the point of view this time, water purifier market is still in the golden period of joining. According to the German Andean market research data show that in 2017 the market next year is expected to more than 60 billion. [Click for more]

   Patio commercial straight drink new listing lead the future health of drinking water mode

   Recently, Patio commercial drink straight QS-ZRW-L14, shocked the market of new products. Three years of market exploration, painstaking research and development; testing for two years to improve and enhance quality. The new unique design style, perfect ergonomic design, leading the commercial water market trend. The appearance of simple atmosphere, with large intelligence led screen, displays the current status of the work, such as the state of temperature, time, water level, and fault tips, cafes, schools and so on, many features will be presented to the user in this smart large screen. Patio in the design of the product is very focused on user experience, the use of safe and convenient basis, and let enjoyable users. [Click for more]

   Georgia and the US water purification true strength of Georgia and the US win in select markets

   water purifier brand marketing expert pointed out that Georgia and the US, in water purification business, be sure to choose the regular brand manufacturers before play money, it is recommended to visit some factory site, a factory test the strength of true and false. In this regard fieldwork, Georgia and the US is very welcome to visit the water purifier water purifier investors, to enable a company to have a knowledge of the water purifier business, and secondly, site visits can dispel investor concerns water purifier. In short, in water purification, Do not play money, be sure to check the manufacturers qualifications, to ensure that manufacturers are informal enterprises, is a legitimate business in order to play money. [Click for more]

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