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  In recent years, more than the campus of cases from domestic and international media crowd, people are all sad, concerned about upsurge of child safety education and frequently set off. Last year, the media broke norovirus infection events, causing public concern. People have to spearhead continued to be suspicious of bottled water, bottled water is considered to lead to Norovirus infection "culprit." Injuries to people or accidents may be difficult to predict, but because of their own negligence caused damage to the health of children, such as long-term consumption of "dirty water" or water containing harmful substances, as parents in addition to self-blame, and perhaps more should do something. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) for the mother, the babys food security is one of the people most concerned about the issue. Milk powder to buy genuine original cans imported food supplement personally do not want to add, band to bring their own baby food stew beaker, a variety of fruits and vegetables should be washed and washed with a little bit of fear of pesticide residues in the body of an adult and did not ...... developmental stage, especially newborn babies, body resistance is weak, if long-term drinking substandard water, the childs physical fitness will be relatively poor, even cause physical illness. Water accounts for about 70 percent of body composition, while the child is up to 80 to 90%, relative to the adult baby on water quality requirements are higher, because the various organs of the babys body, still in the developmental stage, digestion, absorption capacity, resistance force all that much difference with the adult, baby healthy drinking water should have the following eight. Can quickly and effectively remove the body of acidic metabolites and various harmful substances. A small group of water molecules, dissolved and infiltration. Without affecting the baby healthy physical, chemical and biological contamination. Good quality soft, thermal and electrical properties. Water containing dissolved oxygen. Completely sterile, without boiling, it can be directly consumed. Mild taste, taste for your baby. It contains the right amount for healthy healthy and easy to absorb minerals. But if you want to meet more than eight conditions, only filtered water to reach through household water purifiers. In the end how the water around us, tap water is safe? Most of us belong to the city water supply network 60-80 years laying, old pipes, rust corrosion inside wall, parasitic bacteria, serious secondary pollution of water, we can not guarantee that household water security . Boiling water, only to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, rust and contaminants in water, sediment, odor and heavy metal ions remain and residual chlorine in the process of boiling water, it will produce a call of chloroform carcinogen. Such as drinking water will vary with food toxinsWas (lane) into the body, a considerable part will accumulate in the body, causing various diseases. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) home water four core issues particulate impurities due to aging, maintenance and overloading of water supply, urban water supply pipe network, the inevitable presence of sediment, rust and other particles impurities. Existing-home household water pipes and impurities will wading equipment, such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and other leading sanitary ware damage. Mounting the protective filter impurities efficiently filter particulate impurities in the water, the first step of all home net / soft program. Heterochromatic water odor odor heterochromatic main sources: a chlorinated disinfectant used in water treatment; 2 pesticide and fertilizer pollution; 3 excessive organic pollutants.... Activated carbon adsorption, is an effective way to solve this problem. Scale Scale deposited crystalline product of calcium and magnesium ions, the presence of four major hazards: a water conduit leading to poor; 2 scale growth of bacteria, filth; 3 wading shortened life of the device; 4 step thermal efficiency.... reduction, increased energy consumption; water softeners soften water, inhibit scale of production, quality soft, comfortable life. Bacteria viable bacteria in tap water are mainly E. coli and Legionella. E. coli can be boiled extinct, but the bodies are still residual bacteria in water. Legionella growth and spread easily in warm and humid environments such as shower, jacuzzi and storage water heater. The main way to solve the bacteria is harmful water purifier. Water pollution! Great harm on the baby! Bacterial substances and heavy metals in the water, but also cause the baby dizziness, lack of energy, one culprit, stones and other diseases, the babys digestive and urinary systems are often caused by poor drinking water and cause catastrophic damage. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted)

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