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  Exacerbate the problem of water pollution, urgent safety of drinking water, and water quality improvement is a long process, which further stimulating the development of water purification market, the domestic water purifier market



   Water Environment pollution problem is exacerbated, urgent safety of drinking water, and water quality improvement is a long process, which further stimulating the development of water purification market, the domestic water purifier market frequently get "quantity" breakthrough, however, was the development of the water industry in the brutal disorderly development, the future, the water industry to achieve a new leap forward, we must think and breakthrough three major problems.

   According to authoritative released "2014-- 2020 China water purifier industry market analysis and prospects of investment analysis report" shows: In recent years, Chinas water pollution incident in more than a year since 1700, to the people of drinking water security posed a great threat in 2014 Lanzhou water benzene content exceeding 20 times the incident is a typical example.

   However, water quality improvement is a long process, but the residents safety of drinking water is a pressing issue, water purification equipment so much the people favor, exacerbating the problem of water pollution further reminders hot water purifier market development, but it should be noted that, compared with 70% penetration rate of 90% in developed countries in Europe and America and Asia, Chinas water industry product penetration is only 2%.

   Although the domestic water purifier market frequently get the "quantity" breakthrough, but in terms of consumer awareness, acceptance, satisfaction to be improved. According to the development experience of developed countries, Chinas environmental problems may take 20 - More than 30 years, and therefore water purification products and community ties in the future will be more closely.

   According to the World Health Organization reported that 80% of the worlds diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water, domestic water resources with the deteriorating environment, consumers come to realize the necessity of water purification equipment create good conditions for the water industry usher in the golden period of development. It is understood that in recent years, the number of domestic enterprises engaged in the production of water purification equipment surge, companies in the fierce market competition in staking their claims to speed up water purification equipment market structure reshuffle.

   With "water 10" promulgated, my countrys water treatment industry gradually move closer to developed countries, with the world, coupled with the industry standard has improved steadily and water purification system designPreparation of joint efforts of enterprises, my countrys water industry will steadily toward prosperity. Increasing the momentum of the water industry, water purification equipment now on the market has been everywhere, more and more companies have joined the water industry, to seek better development. 2014 hot water industry brought to market in 2015. However, the development of water purification industry is in Disorder brutal development, the future, the water industry to achieve a new leap forward, we must think and breakthrough three major problems.

   First, the technology: security guards life engineering

   of the water purifier after nearly 30 years of development, has experienced three stages from abroad to imitate and then to develop its own brand period, However, the field of technical innovation there are few results, according to statistics, an independent research and development capabilities and core technology is only about 5%, compared with foreign countries, a far cry from the data.

   water purification as "life project", if there is no guarantee the technology, not only from the effect of clean water, it will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Currently on the market most of the filtration system needs to be changed regularly, PP cotton, filter film filter device to become the core component, once the quality problems, "black core" will be more of a threat to human health.

   Second, after-sales: restrict coverage last hurdle

   water purifier is a long-term project, the installation is at home, not only quality assurance, but also the future of one of the main faces problem, after-sales can not keep up, the consumers home water purifier only can not protect the health of the water, but also a source of contamination.

   domestic water purifier penetration rate of less than 4%, compared to 90 percent of foreign penetration far, and with the opening up of rural water purifier market in the future, after-sales will be the most critical issue . Currently, many manufacturers take in the process of sale as a propaganda slogan, reflecting the phenomenon of the current lack of after-sales market, as well as future thirty-four sinking dramatically increase market penetration, are inseparable from the sale solve the problem.

   three criteria: no rules no standards

   At present, large and small, domestic water purifier manufacturers over 4000, the annual output reached 80 million units, sales reached more than 30 million units, but this behind a huge data, but it is hidden a huge security risk. Local standards, corporate standards, industry standards, foreign standards and other standards confusion, lack of a unified industry standards development, resulting in false hype appearProducts of varying quality and other abnormal phenomena.

   in the future, to develop a unified standard water purification industry will become more urgent. In the future the growing popularity of water purifiers, water purifiers to maintain the annual growth rate of more than 40% growth, such as the water industry is not "self-purification", the industry will remain difficult to achieve substantial development.

   Then, the water industry should be what to do to change this situation too, in the age of the Internets leading big data, whether the water purification equipment can also be obtained by means of the Internet industry in transition, breaking the status quo? Internet + will to the water industry what kind of change?

   in this regard, China has to develop the vision is preparing to conform to the trend, reported by the Beijing business Daily, Orville cloud network organized by China water industry experts Association, the China economic newspapers Association as a guide unit of "smart water industry 2015 Internet Summit" will be held in Beijing on August 19. This water industry summit will sum up the first half of 2015, Chinas water industry market overview, water industry GB industry trends and future direction, water purification product testing standards and a series of hot topics, a comprehensive depth of interpretation, and domestic release of the first part "2015 water industry Blue Book." Let us wait for the water industry to break through Internet + will bring.

   water purifier + coming era of the Internet, will lead the water industry reform. At this time, water purification equipment manufacturers should be fully prepared to adapt to the new rules, the reform is in transition period for water purifier manufacturers, if you can not adapt to the "new rules of the game" will survive. Some three aspects need to do to win the survival of the fittest of the fittest in the market in the larger environment.

   to focus on brand building, the development of China water purifier industry is still in its early stages, people familiar with the water purifier brand is not much, from this perspective, China water purifier brand building and arduous tasks long road; technological innovation to improve competitiveness, innovation is the soul of the survival and development of a water purifier manufacturers; perfect service system, quality of service is the most effective way to retain customers.

   the only way to be able to go faster in the future development of the road, the better. Water industry can look forward to an early breakthrough in the industry difficulties success of the reform, so that people drink safe water.

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