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   In recent years, With the improvement of health and environmental awareness of peoples living standards, water purifier industry has entered the fast lane. No matter which industry, sales are head and are the first to reach the market that some people, for the water purification industry, only the sales meticulous precision, the entire industry in order to promote sound and fast development.




water purifier business to take off is the essence of scientific management (Photo from Internet)

   First, the scientific rigor sales planning and management

   [ 123] in merchandising management, sales director to do the main event four: distribution and sales targets set computing market potential to determine the size of the sales team, sales regions.

   we Chinese enterprises have a common problem, that the market potential is incalculable, we can only feel their experience and judgment, and insists that the market is made out of, the emphasis is competing for market share in existing visible rather than market potential mining. The size of the sales force design, frequent mistake is twofold:

   First, the sales area regularly adjusted or not adjusted, sales regions appear salesperson diminishing marginal phenomenon. Increase in sales staff, sales decreased.

   Second, sales management, management efficiency appears diminishing marginal phenomenon, the phenomenon of sales managers manage 3-5 salesmen abound, the proportion of officers has increased every year, it appears to increase sales managers, increased workload and sales performance is not necessarily better. For the size of the sales force strategy adopted after the scale of the first structure, the size of the market that is determined by the sales organization structure.

   in terms of the industry, as long as the local implementation plan, at the time of the distribution plan will ratchet effect occurs. Enterprises should take the market potential method, critical point method and distributors purchase intent method to allocate sales targets, and finally take the binary combinations or ternary combination arrive at a final sales targets. If historical data is also recommended to take "market potential, historical data and dealers purchase intentions law," the combination of three methods assign sales targets.

   in the "democratic, free and fair" option, our citizens are most concerned about fairness, especially equity method or fair chance, a fair method is a combination of law, even though it can not eliminate the ratchet effect.

   Second, user-friendly sales team of Human Resources Management


   sales organization to relate to sales management team of architecture design, bidding on behalf of the election and training of sales management, sales management and design team pay. Many sales management companys human resources director, thought it was something, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Many HR managers are not born sales people, the experience of the business process competency sales and marketing staff is not deep.

   Some water purifier sales clerk corporate human resources are recruited directly elect their managers do not move the election authority and training. Sales manager did not participate in the election trick, on the extension of time running between them in practical work. As sales representatives not move their election, when poor performance, sales manager attributed to the Human Resources Department to recruit sorting capacity is poor, resulting clash of the two departments.

   sales force turnover is the largest company in the ranks of recent water purifier industry sales force turnover of more than 20%, which gives sales managers and HR recruitment enormous pressure, sales manager but also to take over the original customer-service salesman vacated, but also face enormous pressure integration of new sales staff and train new salespeople. People promoted or move the election process, the election generally like to recruit or promote your own character with similar capabilities worse than their own.

   This phenomenon is known as matryoshka phenomenon, why is this so? Mainly because people in the workplace will be faced with the dilemma of Parkinsons Law. Since Sales recruitment frequency is too high, matryoshka happens more times. Therefore, sales director and human resources manager will discuss a system to prevent the phenomenon of Russian dolls.

   Third, the sales team of scientific practices to operate and counseling management

   This includes reference to motivate the sales team, team morale sales management, training and field coaching sales service capabilities, sales content management, marketing cost management, sales meetings management and sales management reporting.

   China sales force incentive management major changes in excitation method, and ignore the establishment of a structural incentive system, water purifier industry sales incentives are selling hockey stick effect and Kahneman prone to loss aversion effect .

   Due to historical reasons, the domestic water purifier industry sales staff of professional sales skills are lacking, modern marketing requires sales staff must have the "three":

   sales skills specialization,Sales of specialized content and standardize sales practices. For sales skills, Chinese people confuse with skills and techniques that have experienced sales people will have sales skills, sales techniques rely on perception from, based on experience from, there are tricks of the trade. In fact, this is a big mistake! Professional sales skills come to rely on training rather than experience and savvy, nor is it merely training delivery.

   Fourth, the strategic management of the sales team to assess the

   Sales Director general management emphasis on performance evaluation of sales representatives, sales managers neglect of management performance evaluation. And focus on performance results of the assessment, ignoring the use of assessment counseling, ignoring the cycle of performance evaluation as gas station sales targets.

   is generally substandard performance evaluation were carried out for discouraging or deducted, the results of the performance evaluation as a sales team flow accelerator. The lack of objective scientific evaluation criteria established in the sales managers performance evaluation, they often put performance assessment indicators are generally handed over to the Human Resources Department to develop.

   the results of the evaluation criteria lot of unrealistic, or is a single, only sales, or very complex, very difficult operation, the lack of correlation examination content, or overlapping, assessment criteria are difficult to quantify, leading sales and management team sales representatives morale.

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