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纰ф按婧愬噣姘村櫒 楂樺搧璐ㄧ殑鐩撮ギ姘? width= Water is the source of life, is the most fundamental necessity of life.

   "Water for human life, growth, reproduction of great significance. Glass of water can be a strong nation, we must allow every Chinese person can drink good water!" Recently, Shandong Origin Water Environmental Technology Co., Ltd in Jinan held a "peoples advocate Springs drinking water safe drinking water health press conference" in the hope that through this meeting, passing awareness of healthy drinking water to the people Springs, so that "safe drinking water, healthy water" become the target of our lives, while reminding the public and enhance health and environmental awareness without delay.

   Shandong Origin Water Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li said: clean water source has been the spread of water culture, protection of water resources, to promote the proper concept of water as a corporate responsibility. This is especially remarkable annual APEC Leaders Meeting and Business Summit was held in Beijing in Huairou Yanxi, high demand for APEC meeting site safety and health protection of drinking water, through the conference organizer rounds rigorous screening business after comparing and testing indicators strict product trial, the final Beijing origin water Technology Co., Ltd. is designated as the APEC meeting site all drinking water equipment only designated suppliers. It also greatly inspired our commitment to "healthy water" cause of fighting spirit and determination.

   reporters investigation, the clean water source has experienced a number of successful large-scale activities to protect the safety of drinking water, complete with the conditions and the ability to complete large-scale international conferences safety of drinking water. Super clean water source nanofiltration machine is completely different from the traditional water purification equipment, which in the four areas of "safety, health, water conservation, energy saving," completely beyond the traditional water purifier. Super nanofiltration machine on the safety of water quality to achieve a leap. And super nanofiltration machine without having to power, waste water purification process than low, energy saving and environmental protection concept was particularly prominent.

   the conference site, from all over the Shandong drinking water the cause of health concerns Springs dealers and representatives of the people watching with a colorful "Safe drinking healthy water" theme dance party together, for the fall of Jinan brought a rare visual feast. Participants the importance of healthy drinking water in the process of viewing learned, daily water intake and scientific knowledge of healthy drinking water and time.

   Shandong Origin Water Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li expressed the hope that the clean water source can provide the highest quality straight as more and more consumersDrinking water, the future also hope that through this technology products to solve the drinking water safety of the Chinese people.

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