Water purifier entprises to reduce costs to promohe fivskill
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   development of the Internet, in the minds of many small and medium enterprise network to promote water purifier has become a very money-losing behavior. At present, domestic water purifier industry is in a difficult period of transition, it is difficult to reduce the cost of show business premise. Therefore, to reduce the cost of Internet promotion has become a many small water purifier business goal.

   According to statistics, my countrys SMEs are now more than 8 million. Such a large group, how to adapt to the environment of network marketing, get more enterprises to promote better economic effects? The following is the promotion of small and medium enterprises to reduce the cost of the five skills.


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   set up a business promotion website

   corporate website is the main tool to promote the business, but also to promote the networks basic course.

   requires the promotion of corporate website can be modified at any time based on market and their own needs, and to exclude professional shackles, so that non-technical staff can also be modified in a timely manner has been updated to better match search engines and market requirements. The best is static station program, in favor of search engines and ranking. If the station does not meet the requirements of search engines, in doing search engine promotion is very unfavorable. Build your network not only reduces the cost of promotion of small and medium enterprises water purifier, its operation is simple and quick, even if you are a novice, do not worry.

   keyword optimized website

   According to the website keyword optimization principles, starting with easy to difficult optimization, so that to achieve good keyword ranking in Baidu, Google and other search engines, so as to achieve passive bring customers purposes.

   set up business news channel

   Do not underestimate this one business news, there are many water filter companies do to promote this aspect seriously neglected, not considered for the promotion of corporate news how much help. In actual fact, the creation of news channels, and ensure the realization updated daily, not only to the accumulation of popularity for your business stand to attract industry users, and enhance the stickiness of the site, more importantly, help to improve, improve search engine results reflect site . Of course, the key is to strictly control the cost of content and updates, and make full use of portal news channel to reprint.

   Add business Links

   Links here refers specifically, not directly related to the content of the site other than the site where the industryWebsite, such a link can filter swaps each user, it is worth considering, but pay attention, must not be mixed with the remaining important partner listed on the site, should be treated differently, take the form of pull-down menus, sub-page, etc. if necessary.

   increase corporate mail promotion

   Email promotion is a way to be reckoned with small water purifier enterprise network promotion, but there are a lot of specific operational needs attention. The most important thing is not without purpose recklessly, once the URL is blocked mail server, it is very passive. Email promotion focuses on perseverance, do not come to naught because of little effect.

   With the rise of the electricity supplier and the widespread use of the Internet, promotion threshold and cost water purifier business will only get low, the promotion will become more convenient. But because of the small water purifier companies need to understand that in the promotion of enterprises in the process, should not do not get lost, to identify the market positioning, targeted to more with less.

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