Walter genuine security product inquiry
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  Walter genuine security product inquiry publishing site: Published: 2015-12-22

   In order to ensure that each customer in line at the store or online to buy water purifier is Walter Walter Seoul genuine production, Walter in each of the machine body are affixed with Chinese product quality security check labels, enabling customers to check the authenticity!

   Walter genuine two methods query:

   1, query by calling

   The first step: the security scratch coating affixed to the boot body, denoted 21 verifies the digital in the coating;

   Second step: dial 400-678-8315, the input 21 to verify the digital telephone voice prompted press "#" key for authentication.

   If it is genuine manufacturers,

   you will be prompted: Hello, welcome to purchase Walter Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. produced products;

   If it is fake products,

   will be prompted an error message when the query!

   2, by sending a query message

   The first step: the scratch-off coating 21 verifies the digital note the under coating;

   Step two: 21 106 695 887 808 to verify the digital sending, SMS will prompt you to buy the product whether the official authentic.

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