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   "Money" immeasurable calm water purification industry in order to be impossible, in the case of market competition heats up, the water purifier business only positive changes to finding a way out. Enterprises should change, to change the team, so that it can adapt to the constantly changing water purifier market. To market changes and changes in the market have a sense of team is very important.

   ever-changing water purifier market, what we need is a team of market awareness and market-oriented marketing ideas. Marketing team to shape water purifier market thinking, first of all we need is a definition of market thinking.




ever-changing water purifier market corporate marketing teams need to have the market thinking (picture from the network)

   market thinking simply means that market-oriented mode of thinking.

   shape the market thinking, first of all is the ability to recognize the changes taking place in the market, market trends and be able to make the right judgments; followed according to the market to determine the right combination of corporate and team market situation and take appropriate measures , make adjustments to the existing sales patterns of behavior, and finally to our market practices conform or adapt to market changes, so take this chance to create a synergy effect.

   market thinking and thinking not just market-oriented, more is to adapt to the market and lead the behavior of the market leader.

   let the team have the market thinking, it is to make the first team to understand the process and the steps of forming the market thinking. We have a team accomplishment ahead of market thinking and thinking habits of the summary, you will find this team respectively have the following characteristics:

   First, the market touch sensitive, able to recognize changes in the market occur.

   With the rise of e-commerce, development of mobile Internet, the development of electronic business and social media touched on the development of emerging brands, Which companies understand e-commerce, social media marketing know how, Which companies We will win the new competition in the market.

   felt the sharp changes taking place in the market, with a market awareness of the team should have basic business literacy.

   Second, be able to make judgments on the market or industry trends.

   only feel the changes occurred in the market is not enough, because then we can take nowSTRATEGY, did not keep up with the opponent, but the opponent will not be at a standstill waiting for you to follow up, follow up when your opponents and take market marketing model has changed radically.

   with a team of market thinking, not only we should feel the changes taking place in the market, but also on the direction of development and market trends to make judgments.

   to do this is difficult, because change means the overthrow of the past, which means to break the vested interests, which means starting from scratch. Change is a painful process, lying on the success of the express train, no one willing to change; but do not change means death.

   Therefore, the marketing team in order to make the development direction of the market trend judgment, must do the following:

   1, change the natural mode of thinking:

   inherent modes of thought are obstacles to market development, the impact of market judgment. The market has changed, the way we look at the market, way of thinking is also a corresponding change should occur, we use the existing market thinking to the operation of the market has failed.

   such as the current mobile Internet prevalent today, we do brand communication, still focusing on traditional print media, television media advertising, has been unable to achieve the brand to reach consumers of information, social media does not know how to spread , enterprises will gradually be eliminated by the market.

   2, and the hosts global standing angle to look at the issue:

   so that a person standing in the market point of view to look at the problem, think easy, but let a team thought to have the market quite difficult. This requires our team to just change our mode of thinking is not enough, because the "qualitative change is always a point, that is, quantitative simmer Frog"; when we see the problem is probably already difficult to find solutions to problems. So, which we need to be able to team members from the overall height with the hosts go see the problem.

   when we desperately cast who do display, fight promotion, we can always see some of the regional market or a customer to do by withholding sales costs, selling low-cost way; the short-term perspective, these markets, customers, business groups and even corporate earnings and performance and was not damaged, but when the market overall refinement, we found some markets, customers and even companies began moving towards a decline.

   When a company, a teamWith market thinking, in accordance with the implementation of market-oriented marketing operations, team members must learn to stand in the global point of view and positions of power to look at the problem, thinking, and guide our actions.

   3, and establish resource integration awareness

   a brand alone will be an industry, a category bigger and stronger, it is very difficult. But to effectively integrate resources, quickly a bigger market segment, then as an industry leader in corporate and brand will go it alone than their larger division of the cake, to get more revenue.

   thinking is not just thinking about the market-oriented approach to market issues, market-leading behavior, but also a form of long-term strategic thinking; let the whole team has the market thinking, we must first eradicate the It is the quick success of marketing thinking. More

   market thinking is a future-oriented strategic thinking, the benefits have reflected lag; shaping the teams marketing thinking, we should avoid and eradicate short-term profit-oriented marketing mindset.

   Palace fighting drama was all the rage, water purifier business operating like a palace in fact, sales are "former", "management" is the harem, presumably a lot of water purifier companies in former marketing strategy a house on fire, but the camp will manage the chaos caused by fluctuations in the market, which is like a "harem instability, former disturbed."

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