Summer drinking water attention to skills beware -ttoxicion.
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summer body sweating, you need to replenish moisture, but a short time easily lead to excessive drinking "water intoxication", SHI Zhong Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, experts said the emergency department, "water intoxication" generally cause dizziness, vomiting, weakness, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms, severe convulsions, coma and even life-threatening.


the summer water attention to skills: First, to water a few times, the amount of water is determined according to the amount of evaporation of water body sweat, urine, etc., 100 ml each into 200 mL of appropriate hourly the total amount of replenishment is preferably not more than 800 ml; the second is to replenish the salt may be appropriate to drink salt water or a sports drink containing electrolytes and sugar; Third try to drink less ice-water, about 10 掳 C water quench can cool, it will not hurt the stomach, avoid at work, sports, when they go out for a long time without water, and then shoved water.


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