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   January 4, 2018, Sun Yu Group Third Engineering Consortium manufacturers Association was held in Lianyungang headquarters base. WAN Xu Chang Oriental Sunrise Solar Co., Ltd. President send good wishes: "Misfortune, I believe Sun Yu Group Projects can achieve a major breakthrough again in 2018!"




WAN Xu Chang Oriental sunrise solar Co., Ltd. president welcoming remarks

   rain the sun new era

   from 1999 to now, the sun rain dedicated a great dream about the sun, brilliant, setbacks before, and therefore precipitate a lot of invaluable experience. In the business structure sun rain development, engineering services market in recent years has been showing rapid growth, the market engineering tremendous market opportunity and growth strategy investments sun rain.




Sun Rain Group President Chen Ronghua do strategic guidance

   As strategic guidance Sun Rain Group President Chen Ronghua made, "For the future development of the market, we want to . clear up three first strategy, channel up, that the city is the main battlefield of the future of solar energy development; second, up business, namely business development to the engineering market; third, the market is up, that is, high-end custom market continues to grow. "[. 123]



   sun rain Group president Chen Ronghua marketing book, "marketing win thinking" by the projects favorable


   new ideas sun the rain

   2017 years, sun Yu Group presented on good engineering market trends, substantial growth in performance, real estate reached 100 cooperative units, 100 one million benchmarking project, 100 benchmark Contractors. In which the solar energy business, the sun and rain to do the balcony wall solar module solar hot water business grew steadily, while the solar wall, trans-seasonal heat storage heating, solar heating, the full flowering of the high temperature trough collectors, solar projects .

   For 2018, the development of solar engineering market rain, the sun rain Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Yinchuan put forward new ideas. "First of all, to solve the diverse needs of customers with the companys traditional products, the contradiction between the service; secondly, to master the market, profit model, management model, to the sun in the rain under a large market environment with partnersSteady-state equilibrium, to achieve sustainable development; and finally, through the development platform, interactive mechanism for partners to achieve multi-directional flow of value, to create a sound, strong growth potential of the ecosystem. "



   sun rain Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Yinchuan keynote share


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