Smart water purification industry to lead the development of
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   intelligent water purifier products, compared with a number of smart appliances is a relatively new industry, but the technology is already precipitation for decades. The upgrading of numerous intelligent water purifier products, such products created today is not technically inferior to other traditional appliances. Todays smart water purifier, not only is healthy drinking water protection, home decorating style is also a perfect match. Domestic water purifier market is in full swing so that more high-tech companies to join together to create Internet smart water purifier industry.


   water purifier intelligent bring a new change

   traditional water purifier transition to smart water purifier, along with the excellent progress of the Global Technology bring the inevitable choice. Smart water purifier for its intelligence, artificial intelligence, experience things together conquest of a new generation of consumer groups. Smart water purifier is mainly favored by high-end user groups, from the current development of the domestic market, the water purifier intelligent elements gradually increased from the initial filter combination of water purifier, the LCD screen human-computer interaction, intelligent alerts when automatic deductions from APP management of remote sensing, to the shared machine, constantly optimize intelligent water purification technology to meet peoples pursuit of fashion, health, saving, high efficiency concept of home life.

   intelligent water purification technology innovation will drive industry transformation and upgrading

   intelligent water purifier industry has been practicing in the country, "Internet +" new business development model, the traditional water purifier manufacturing processes and Internet high-tech docking, to create a water purification product development to adapt to the times. After

   intelligent water purifier also meet the current mainstay --8090 consumer market, they are the Internet and the popularity of smart phones are widely used two generations grew up together, is also the most luxurious lifestyle of two generations people who are currently the major buying groups undoubtedly intelligent water purifier market.

   Of course, in the final analysis is intelligent water purifier water purification function takes precedence over intelligence, especially now in the formative years of domestic water purification industry, it is imperative not cart before the horse, blindly demanding highly intelligent multi-functional, while ignoring the essential characteristics of the water purifier - water purification. A survey showed that the majority of domestic respondents indicated that their relationship is still the most clean water quality and after-sales service.

   Source: Sea water purifier Forrester

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