Posing as water company selling -water purifi- is the spot t
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  Posing as water company selling "water purifier" is the spot to win the release site: www.watersz.com Published: 2017-03-14

   have recently reported such a message: people posing as water company employees, the community building notice posted in buildings, sell "water purifier." After the trick was exposed, these cottage team not grow in a bar to play the old routine. Today (March 12), when it was 188 to West County community sell products, security to see through, people on the spot will win.


   afternoon, 188 West County residential property office, residents and security guard with a dejected young man. Property personnel: Recently, the district BAN plastered notice install water purifiers, format, style is very official, seal inscribed "Yangzhou City, a tap water purification Equipment Institute", people think it is under water company research mechanism. Recommended water purifier prices are 390 and 980.


   see the notification bigger way, some residents believed her, and called in the past asked people on-site installation, the results of only one day broke. Residents also found the water purifier invoice wrong. So, everyone reminded each other residential property owners in the group, saying it is a liar. Mr. Yan

   the owners committee, said the matter had been reported before, the water company denied this, but also to address, manufacturers, certification, and so on notice are false! Thus, the old Yan Xinsheng a meter, pretending to be fooled by telephone the other side "flicker" over.

   "fitter" entered cells, was up care residents and security forces, 110 and call processing. Police asked that: the worker surnamed Tang, there is no water and electricity installation qualification, is the Internet to find part-time! Delivery of the family also secretive, and water companies have nothing to do. Xiao Tang account, available on the home every day to call him and tell him the location of the installation, while the water purifier is the home to him in Wanda over there.

   Subsequently, the police Xiao Tang to the police station for investigation.

   liar play "confused" trick, by a so-called notice, will be able to introduce the bait. Walter reminded the public friend, and then run into this sort of thing, we must be wary not be fooled ah.

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