Why do you want to install a water purifier pre-filtwhich al
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鍑€姘村櫒涓轰粈涔堣瀹夎鍓嶇疆杩囨护鍣?鍙堝叿澶囧摢浜涘姛鑳? /><p style= now increasingly rapid technological development, but the oncoming brought many troubles. Accompanied by the acceleration of industrialization, air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination and other pollution problems are often hit the newspapers, and all kinds of pollution, especially water pollution most concern. Everyone is concerned about a problem: how can we be assured drink healthy water

   because of serious water pollution, water purifier comes?. To a whirlwind blowing. Currently many water purifier manufacturers and brands available in the market, there are many water purification equipment, related to professional terms and terminology congregation. The average consumer in the understanding of these product, basically a loss (except for industry professionals and enthusiasts). Give you easy to understand the popularity of todays basic knowledge related to water purification equipment.

   that down to ask you one by one in detail resolution, in accordance with sub-quality water purification: mineral water, purified water, softened water, water microfiltration. According to purpose: families with water, kitchen water, whole house water purification, bathing water, drinking water units. Our story today is the application of pre-filter.

   Why should I install a pre-filter?

   Pre-products for poor water quality of the region specializing in the development, pre-series can be an effective solution to solar energy, water boilers or boilers and the like equipment due to water hardness water base and easy to knot scale problems, thereby extending the solar energy, the life of the boiler water boilers and products; also address the large water turbidity, the raw water purifier ultrafiltration membrane or film easy clogging problems. In short, the pre-series is the patron saint of water purification equipment, solar energy, water boilers and boiler!

   The principle and core technology prefilter what is?

   filtering accuracy generally 0.1 to 50 microns, a common precision stainless steel filter, PP cotton, activated carbon, microfiltration category belong ceramic filter, microfiltration technology can effectively filter sand, rust and other impurities in the water of the large particles.

   the specific features are as follows:

   A, stainless steel filters: are the most widely used in microfiltration technology, the best use of a filter medium, because it includes a discharge function, It has a long life, easy to use features. Ke Diluo accuracy is pre-selected series of 50 microns stainless steel mesh inlet 304, better filtration, longer service life.

   B, PP cotton: high accuracy is not generally used for filtering or straining pretreatment removal of sediment, rust and other large particulate matter. PP cotton can not sewage, is a disposable filter material used in a certain period to be replaced.

   C, activated carbon: odor mainly used for adsorption of different color, have a significant effect on the removal of chlorine taste of tap water. Activated carbon is also a one-time filtering material, used for a certain period to be replaced.

   D, ceramic filter: filtering accuracy is not generally used for high straining or pretreatment, the water can be filtered sediment, rust and other large particulate matter. Ceramic filter used to a certain extent, need to brush clean the filter, you can continue to use clean water.

   At present water quality across the country, there are some security risks, such as prone to cause stones affect human health; human liver, gall bladder, kidney and other hazards. To his familys health, please consider carefully! Purifiers not to be missed. Water will not!

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