Tibetan tricky to buy water purifier pces needo be cautious
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  Water purifier prices need to be cautious to buy Tibetan tricky publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2015-12-24

   users do not know you have not found the time to buy a water purifier, the factors that impact the brand exclude, usually the same type of water purifier, basic parameters look alike, but the price is ranging from hundreds to thousands, or even tens of thousands of there. Why would such phenomenon happen?

   as a focus on household water purification field more than ten years of high-tech enterprises, Walter come to you to talk about those tricky water purifier price!

   1, parts costs and installation costs

   water purifier accessories more, and the difficulty of installation is relatively high, it will inevitably have some parts costs and installation fees, for a total at least be We need 300 dollars. There are a number of water purification business these two stripped from the original total cost out so that the same brand of the same model with a different price.

   2, different filtration membranes

   water purifier to filter so many that are so small that rely on filtration membranes, and now the industry is considered relatively good film PAN ultrafiltration membranes, Hanguo Shi Han ultrafiltration membrane and the United States Dow RO membrane, the cost of these films is not low. And some businesses in order to make a profit, with the poor quality of the filter membrane to replace these costly filter and then openly with section models at less than a few hundred dollars of the price sold, the feeling is that consumers buy cheap good stuff, in fact, fall into the trap business.

   3, no wading this document

   wading approval document issued by the Ministry of Health is the production and sale of water purifiers necessary documents, but the documents relating to the cost of handling and difficulty wading is not low, there are only part of the water purifier manufacturers have several models wading document, some small workshop-style is not even wading in the production of this document. No wading documents relating to the water purifier may be inexpensive, but the water purifier water quality can not be guaranteed to be secure. So before you buy a water purifier, it is best to first understand the relevance of the water purifier has a wading document, to avoid buying substandard water purifier.

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