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  Secret:? Water purifier filter water for your baby to drink it Published: at 17:08 on October 7th, 2017 Hits: 54 Water is the source of life in the adult body, account for 60% of the total weight of water, and for for children, this proportion will reach 70% -80%, so it seems water for infants is also to appear, so the baby is add water and more important. However, due to their infants body is rather special, its poor physical fitness, weak immune system, drinking water requirements of a higher standard than adults, so how to choose healthy drinking water has become one of the important issues concerned parents. In recent years, there have been media and experts say: children drink too "pure" water, can lead to a lack of trace elements and minerals the body, appear decreased immunity, poor bone development and so on, is not conducive to healthy growth of children, most healthy way is to boil drinking water after cooling. So this influence spread far and wide among parents remarks on the scientific point of view can not gain a firm foothold it?

   Lets look at the so-called healthy water, it performs the corresponding national standards GB5749-2006, mainly the limited number of micro-organisms, heavy metals, as well as some minerals and other indicators. The standard provides a total dissolved solids content must not exceed 100 mg / l, sulfate does not exceed 250 mg / l, while in real life the vast majority of domestic water areas of TDS (total dissolved solids) in excess of 100 mg / rise, especially in the northern region, it is to reach 300 mg / l or more.

   Comparative adults, kidney metabolic function of infants and young children not yet fully developed, water requirement per unit of body weight is about 2.5 times that of adults. If the element content in the water is too high, it will increase the burden on the kidney of the baby, but is not relying solely on the boil tap water to reduce water hardness. Now increasingly serious water pollution, old water pipes, the inner wall of rust corrosion, parasitic bacteria, serious secondary pollution of water, has been unable to guarantee our household water security. And the baby in relation to adults for higher water quality requirements, because the babys body is still in the developmental stages of various organs, digestion, absorption capacity, resistance and adults are much difference. For baby, we should choose to install a home water purifier.

recommendation: charm yet MS-RO-50, still charm for your baby to drink MS-RO-50 miningCurrently used in the industrys most advanced RO reverse osmosis technology, filtration accuracy of up to 0.0001 micron, products containing five cartridges, through five filters, can effectively filter out bacteria in water, chlorine and heavy metals and other harmful substances, reduce water to a certain extent the hardness of the drinking water to achieve a linear standard. And pure water is very suitable for the baby, especially with the powder, nutrition experts say, fresh pure water has a good solubility, effectively promote the digestion and absorption of the baby, so the most suitable for making milk powder. Pure water has a good solubility for making milk powder, can promote the babys nutrient absorption and excretion of waste, favorable for the growth and development of infants and young children. Thus, experts advocated drinking tap water to infants and young children view is not only wrong, but also cause physical harm to the child, so infant drinking water should be implemented more stringent standards, do not ignore your baby safe drinking water.

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