Water purification industry slowdown year, refraifrom domest
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   Eleventh AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition held in Shanghai, Midea, Haier, a large number of domestic and foreign companies are participating purifier. As the leading brand of water purifier intelligence sharing one hundred million water purification, but also to bring a series of intelligence sharing products unveiled!

   Orville cloud network (AVC) statistics show that the first quarter of this year, domestic water purifier retail sales pushed total 46.4 billion yuan, an increase of only 12.1%, the growth rate declined.

   water purification industry growth rate of callback

   After several years of rapid growth, water purifier market has also ushered in the growth rate of callback.


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   Orville cloud network statistics show that the first quarter of this year, pushing total water purifier sales of 170 million units, an increase of 15.7%, while retail sales pushed total 46.4 billion yuan, an increase of 12.1%. So far in 2017, water purifier online retail sales growth in each quarter of the way down, retail sales market also fluctuated style callback situation the line.

   June 2, Orville cloud network health appliances business unit director banners in an interview with reporters, said the second half of last year, the growth rate of the water purifier market had slowed down. In the first quarter of this year, the industry growth rate further correction.

   bottleneck tier cities this year, the water purifier market is also gradually now. Banners told reporters, most of the first-tier cities need to install a home water purifier has been installed, and water purification products homogeneous competition is getting worse. This is also an important cause of the water purification industry slowdown.

   banners revealed in the urban market growth slowed sharply in the background, water purifier companies have to sink channels. Orville cloud network statistics, the first quarter of this year, second-tier cities purifier sales rose 13.5 percent and third-tier cities grew 22.4%, four-city sales increased 24.2%.

   For 2018, the water purifier market in anticipation, battle flag represents, remains relatively optimistic, "water purifier market capacity continues to expand, the growth rate of decline is normal. This year the market will still remain rapid growth compared. "

   more than one brand of 56" disappeared "

  " data daily Economic News "reporter obtained from Orville cloud network show, in the beginning of 2017 water purifier sales the number of brands was 261, while the end of the first quarter of 2018, the number of brand sales dropped to 205. More than 56 brands in the past year "disappear" and that these "disappeared" brand turned around domestic brands.

   At the end of the first quarter of 2017, domestic brands in a number of brand sales totaled 194, but by the end of the first quarter of 2018, sales of domestic brands in the number dropped to 141, nearly thirty percent of the brand is shuffling out.

   Reporters learned that, in the domestic four-tier cities, "will sell" mode is an important and effective water purifier brands dominate the market. The so-called "will sell", referring to the name of "customer appreciation" and start meeting marketing has become a new marketing model. In 2015, the four-tier cities, "will sell the" no-name, no formal brand majority.

   banners said that this year three or four lines irregular "will sell" was to rectify, in the process, a lot of no-name was shuffling out. With the companys future water purifier to increase investment in secondary and tertiary markets, the market will further lay off no-name.

   "shuffle is definitely yes, and will continue to be, if the (industry growth) continued to decline, then, large enterprises will feel pressure, not to mention small businesses. Small brand will gradually be transferred to lower-level market, even washed away. "battle flag represents.

   (Source: Securities Times)

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