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   What is central whole house water purification?

   refers to the whole house is central water, water purification area covers the whole house, including bathroom, kitchen, balcony and so on. Different and simple kitchen water, whole house central water coverage broader and more comprehensive, rather than simply only in the kitchen area.

   then the whole house composed of central water purification system, what does?

   Central whole house water purification system is a central water purifier + UF UF end formed with a combination partner.

   UF water purification central core of the central whole house water purification system, installed in the manifold at home, can effectively filter the heavy metal ions, bacteria, colloids, chlorine and other pollutants. While retaining the water of the beneficial natural minerals and trace elements, protect water quality safety and health of the whole house. After purified water manifold, and then flows to the water diversion of kitchen and other places.

   partner terminal ultrafiltration may house different scenarios and water demand, with the end of the selective purification ancillary products.

   removes odors:

   With a combination of: a central terminal + UF water purifier odor companion

   If the water re-home odor, drink up bleach smell taste, then it is more Chinese residual chlorine in tap water. Then it would end with the removal of odor ultrafiltration partner. It can be configured in the kitchen. Through an activated carbon absorb odors, removing residual chlorine, water purification, to improve the taste.

   Water hardness reduction:

   With a combination of: a central terminal UF + RO water purifier companion

   If the water hardness is too high in the home (e.g., northern), RO can be selected with a partner terminal in the kitchen, in addition to minerals in the water, to reduce water hardness.

   Softening bath purification:

   With a combination of: a central terminal ultrafiltration water purifier + Water Softener

   If your household appliances and domestic water pipe severe scaling, laundry yellowing stiff, so that the large end of the water hardness water, water softeners can be used with the tip end of the water softening bathing water, thus reducing water hardness.

   it really necessary to install it?

   In fact, water purification through water plant, although water quality standards at the factory. But after a long water pipelines, water and other equipment due to aging pipes, the long-lost clean up, contaminated with a lot of sediment, bacteria, rust and other contaminants. Tap water is no longer clean.

   and the long-term drinking impure water, precipitation of contaminants in the vessel wall, heart and brain will accelerate the hardening of the pipe. Have adverse risks to the body. But there are a lot of people often do not complain. Spend the big price to buy imported milk powder, advanced rice cooker, but accidentally let the dirty water into the mouth ...... buy expensive cosmetics, but let contaminated water erosion of our skin hair ......

   a large number of wading home appliances washing machines, faucets, toilets, floor heating system is also suffering from water quality problems hazard. The rust in water, sediment, colloids and other dirt easily clog and damage the family bathroom equipment, appliances wading reduced service life, increase energy consumption, and even lead to security risks.

   Thus, whole house central water is necessary! One step to solve water quality problems at home, not only to ensure the health of our daily drinking water, but also to protect wading home appliances from harm water quality problems. Labor a little more, why not do it?

   Charm still full house purification scheme = square machine automatically soft transparent front + + Wyatt enjoy large screen dual line machine Water +

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   soft square machine automatically, electronically controlled automatic valve head, microcomputer control, to meet the needs of the whole house water purification.

   Transparent pre-filter, filters to remove rust, sand, large particles and other impurities, a transparent design, dirty visible.

   Wyatt enjoy large screen dual water machine, aqueous double membrane design, five heavily filtered to remove water and heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities, water and mineral water handover heart.

   smart thermostat tankless pipeline machine, water regulation fourth gear, fifth gear temperature regulation, LED blue water, the TSD water quality testing.

   still charm the whole house purification program, to fully meet the whole house cleaned daily drinking water needs. Green and healthy life, starting with the installation charm yet the whole house purification scheme.


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