Well blue water purifiers from four class brand
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problems for consumers and agents to join are concerned, is well blue water purifier attaches great importance to the issue, blue from the well of product quality and service development, support agents, water purification solution package, water purifier marketing guidance in four areas to build first-class brand.


focus on the development of innovative products to improve product quality and improve service

   Li Fuxing said: "The current water purifier market is more confusing, most companies re-marketing is not heavy R & D, research funding each year or even less than sales 1%. as a service industry, water purification companies must take the service with up to prevent water purifier to dirty water filter. "

   and blue as well," Pearl River Delta "representatives one enterprise, focused for many years the home field of water purification, comprehensive strength among the forefront of the industry gradually, but still did not forget to reform and innovation, major efforts in product development investment, with 8 people R & D team, every year we have self-developed products the number of over 50 models, 65% of products for foreign customers customized products and services to 35% of the country. At the same time all product designers are promoted from the product control or management team, with the production, management or design experience of 8000 hours.

   can not be separated for sale is nothing more than two water purification products: products purified water leakage problem and performance issues. For this one leaks, well pressure test by blue design innovative products and 10KG water pressure to ensure that the risk of leaking water purification products. On the water purification effect, Wells Blue developed a "super fiber eco-reduction technology," so that the water quality is reduced to water ecology. Meanwhile well by building a strong blue end database systems, customer information files by recording terminal, installation and maintenance visits, for the core return visit to enhance end-user satisfaction, enhance brand loyalty of wells blue, blue is the well through this service class brand vision. Through these innovative services to build the core competitiveness of the brand.

   360-degree agency efforts to support 360-degree agency efforts to support

   as a water purifier brand, well blue water purifiers designed to create the nations premier kitchen water purifier series, drink water straight series, direct drinking water machine, central water and bathing series, smart straight drink machine series, intelligent pipe machine series, automatic central water softener products, such as a full range of stylish, smart, eco the creative life. Companies from the branding, training services, storefront electionSite, store renovation, opening gifts, regional protection, post-promotion planning a 360-degree operational guidance, and the most popular of the whole shop out mode, allowing agents to join win at the starting point.

   family, schools, units, villas and other sophisticated water purification solution package

   we do end markets by joining agents, it was found that consumers want to buy a product configurations comprehensive solution family drinking water, bathing all-round demand. But in fact any brand water purifier can not do. So well made Blue "3A + excellent water purification system solution" ------ entire home water purification solutions, and recommended PNWATER is the closest body fluids and internal structure of water, filtered through three water purification equipment can effectively improve the absorption of beneficial ions, accelerate metabolism. For consumers, it is good for health.

   in terms of agents to join this program through the "water purifier kitchen + bath + SPA intelligent net kettle" on a combination of a comprehensive settlement "kitchen, drinking, bath "problem. Guarantee from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the living room, can enjoy clean water you need from the living room to room, leaving no purification. With a variety of tailor-made for the different needs of clean water. This program and compared to traditional solutions, cost-effective, easy to accept the end consumer. At the same time for the schools, units, villas, hotels and other well blue water purifier has a mature solution package. This program is also well blue-terminal extension of an innovative, can also "buy one get two" carry out promotional activities. Let business agents to join it easy to obtain huge profits.

   were purifier marketing guidance

   for water purifiers marketing, marketing thinking in various industries have significance can learn, but also no shortage of theoretical guidance, the core issue is how to "to air" with the theoretical phase, how to enhance the implementation of force landing. If the theory is good but lack of execution, it can not also eventually generate productivity! Topic of clean water marketing is a hot spot recently, stationed in the community how to open water purifier store, how to better control store clerk and super shopping guide, how to water purifiers sold to customers, how to start the project sales, how to do promotional activities, are well blue water purifier manufacturers for support agents to join a top priority.

   With the continuous development of water purification industry, consumer wells blue water purifier gives the most active and most enthusiastic feedback. consumerTrust and recognition, but also to the well of the blue product sales has improved, awareness is also rising in popularity. Well of course not limited to the blue water purifiers to promote the well blue brand development through the above four aspects to build first-class brand, but through constant innovation, to provide consumers with the best water purification products, to provide the most secure investment business support.

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