To forecast the future of water purification industry Liuche
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   the current water purifier market is showing blowout situation. From the production point of view, water purifier has an annual output of 600,000 units from 1999 to at least 15% of the annual increment to continue to transport water purifier market in China in 2017 is expected to reach 87.19 million water purification units ( "China Net water industry status quo research analysis and market forecast report (2016 edition) "). Behind the production is a huge consumer demand for water purifiers is increasing. Data show that in 2015 annual sales of water purification products 86.4 billion, an increase of 58.3% over the next five years, water purification equipment will reach an average annual compound growth rate of 45 percent, by 2020 China will scale water purification equipment exceeded one thousand billion.


2014--2018 Nian water purifier production and forecast (unit: million units) (Source network)

   100 billion market space what it means ? our water purifier household penetration rate of around 5%, while Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, home water purifier usage is above 70%. The face of China water purifier market this piece of blue ocean, many businesses have set sail, water purification industry aggregate investment. 2013 our water purifier manufacturers have more than 3,000, by 2016 this figure had nearly 5,000.

   a big woods, what birds are. Water purifier market chaos in recent years, frequently broke, poor quality filters, pressure tank explosions, bad service ...... singing the song while a variety of brands of concept to a variety of water purifier branded name Fudge consumer. According to China water purifier industry status quo research analysis and market forecast report (2016 edition) showed that it is fortunate that enter the water purification industry in 2016 began to usher in the shuffle stage, which means that the water purification industry springing up of faded tender He became mature.

   In the small household appliance market overall weak state, water purification industry is about to undergo a large rectification of both cruelty and justice. When the water purification industry giants to market investment increase is expected in the next 2--3 years, "will be over 60% water purifier manufacturers to be eliminated."

   future water purification industry trends exactly how?

   survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest

   survived it is king. What is a king? That is capable of competing to lead the development of the industry, has a strong brand strength and credibility of the enterprise.

   For example, a professional water purification business background, such as clean water sources and Bole Su Bao Bei. Clean water source has a number of independent intellectual property rights, inspirational contribute to Chinas sustainable development environment, water environment protection, water resource areas such as; strong Bole treasure relying on the parent company Bo-day environment and the strength of 21 years of professional experience in environmental water treatment, established dedicated R & D team, painstaking research and development of high quality products.

   such high-profile cross-business, cross-industry as a big, beautiful water purifier nanofiltration water purifier iron, recent high real deal bisphenol A-free status of the minds of consumers of drinking water for infants health out of a force.

   focusing propaganda

   water purifier brand wants popular, had to repeatedly publicity brand. When it comes to a brand you will definitely think of this brand gives an intuitive feeling brought. "I look at this piece of play down the country, it is because I said the words repeated over and over again, to forget all forget.

   a few examples," talking about who they think who "series, for example, from Hansi Dun think of Jiang Xin, Fan Bingbing talking about Angel will think, talking about the United States will think of Gong Li;" family placement status "series, such as Patio, Falan Ni and 3M have stressed their own the advantages of the central water purifier whole house water purifier; "single function dazzling" series, such as springs to filter high performance ultrafiltration technology, Bole Su Bao Bei no barrel large throughput technologies, but also solve the problem of secondary pollution greatly appease the users patience; "play warmth card" series, such as Dorrance, by accurate survey of Chinese water pollution, household water consumption and other products for Chinese people

   intelligent large flux [. 123]

   Internet era, intelligent home appliances is an established trend. intelligent water purifier has already been felt in the market, and the future of human-computer interaction water purifier will be more sensitive and perfect, and all kinds of brand-name small appliances is bound to be in serious survival of the fittest to survive in harsh and many big-name brands and new entrants to take advantage of growth, such as Smith, Midea, Haier, Bole Po plain shellfish and music Pa.

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