Why is the epidemic of home building materials dealer option
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   New Year is the spring home building industry dealers to find items of the season every year, this year, affected by the new crown pneumonia, most of the trade show postponed, dealers would not be able to visit the factory, the dealer will not find that project yet?

   It is a critical period for a new crown epidemic of pneumonia, due to the impact of passenger flow return, the epidemic has ushered in a "second outbreak," many people are not even out the door, let alone to inspect the project to pick a brand .

   Besides, everyone knows so "big mistake especially after always wanted to wait until the epidemic had stabilized a lot to prepare for the project or projects to increase the dealer because the" can not go out "lingering doubts, some even give up the idea, wrong.

   On the contrary, as it is a special thing, many usually do not often have unusual opportunities emerge, if the dealer will miss a great pity. If the outbreak is over re-election project, or their favorite brand may have been snatched by others, and I was looking for either project may have put others have opened up shop.

   Xiao Bian today to help it analysis, why now is the best time dealer options aim?

   1, selected in advance, one step ahead

   new crown pneumonia epidemic on society as a whole have had a tremendous impact in the "basic necessities" four major industries, compared to "live "is the least affected an industry, house renovation needs only temporarily depressed, and do not want, like other industries may disappear.

   If we determine that the home building industry, then we will believe their choice, not because of external factors and disturbed, but the firms business is good store business. After

   heavy rain, there are two people, one is looked up and saw the blue sky; the other is looking down at the ground and saw the dirty mud.

   After the epidemic, everything will return to normal, the business will be on the right track, so since we choose to do, why can not we make choices in advance, while others still did not move, the first move.

   you are now doing good business, sales dismal, could not get on, why not try another category, another brand, start again, instead of waiting to die, it is better to seek life.

   your current business was good, business is stable, everything is normal, why not try to increase popular categoriesFor the future layout, prepared in advance, look for the "second growth curve."

   perhaps over 10 years to look at todays choices, you may be glad his decision is wise.


   2, plenty of time, comparing many

   it was too dangerous afraid to go out, building materials city to suspend business can not go to work, only this time the old honest real stay at home. Usually possible for a variety of trivia too busy, you can now calm down, think carefully about the future of the business should be in the end how to do?

   Whether you want to transition to other categories another business, or would like to expand the category management business, we must think clearly in the end where to go, right now cautious.

   manufacturers this time is not particularly busy, you can have a conversation with the Investment Manager, in the end how kind of project, what are the advantages of products, there is no risk to join.

   At the same time, you can also making inquiries, micro letter to colleagues or friends to find out which group your favorite brand reputation, listen to "bystander" and recommendations.

   After locking several brands, it is a detailed and comprehensive understanding, check the official website, attention subscription number, look at the circle of friends of the Investment Manager, Baidu search, visit the official flagship store. In short, you have a lot of work to do, more than adequate comparative advantages and disadvantages to weigh things according to their own situation.

   nothing more than a look and see which one is more tricky in the end is more suitable for them.

   3, left for the king, choose effort

   compared to dealers, home building materials enterprises affected by the impact of new crown pneumonia outbreak to larger enterprises return to work time dragged on, the production of short-term can not be restored, tight cash flow, wages and other large hydropower social security spending, the weight of a lot of companies out of breath.

   Some of insufficient strength of SMEs, because of their own poor management, overall strength is not strong, anti-risk ability is poor, there is the risk of collapse. Many SMEs are now holed up does not move, after the end of the epidemic, there will be a large number of small brands to opt out, if you will be out of the agents brand, youre sad reminder.

   There are also some seemingly relatively fast development of the brand, especially the so-called "pig on the outlet", due to the market environment is too optimistic, blind expansion, his own line was stretched long, but increased fromOwn risk, so they are more passive in this outbreak.

   the moment, only a comprehensive strength of the outstanding enterprises in order to maintain normal operations, they will not only fail, but will usher in more opportunities for higher growth.

   Some companies are perfect system, advanced management, one mind, years of business ups and downs and death in the face, so that they witnessed the development of the industry, but also give them a "live" capital. Some companies are far-sighted, strategic leadership, ahead of the layout, perseverance and a good innovation culture, so they have been rapid development, but also give them a "forward" power.

   is still vigorous investment, the development of brand franchisee must be high quality brand, there is no confidence in the project, there is no recognition of their own, who would not also move forward at this time.

   we have to do is hug "thigh", followed by the brand forward.

   4, manufacturers attention, preferential policies

   Under the epidemic, the show postponed, investment will not open, not street travel worship, Factory Merchants pressure is very large, but manufacturers can not but investment, but to pay more attention to investment.

   can now join the customer, the customer must be high quality, operation and viability than the strong, the investment will not pay attention to missed opportunities. The original may be a lot of customers to your door, plus participate in the show, many companies no shortage of customers, but now the situation is reversed, companies are very shortage of customers, most companies have put investment as a priority in the open.

   each brand in the first quarter investment performance will be difficult to see, so that enterprises face great challenges, some companies have begun to adjust the budget, the cost of the original investment will open offline and online advertising investment is out to do joining policy, after all the money out in order to have effect.

   the second half of the show resumed, companies are to survive, the dealers are out, manufacturers naturally not so seriously, and we are passive.

   Xiao Bian forecast for various sprint investment performance to seize the existing customer resources, efforts will certainly give relatively large preferential policies to attract dealers to join.

   at this time to negotiate with the manufacturers, but also acquire a certain amount of initiative, manufacturers get concessions, give yourself win more support.

   is trough stage of factory investmentDo not seize this opportunity is really a pity.

   5, a lot of shops, rent concessions

   do retail store location is very important, each dealer are looking for a high quality bunk.

   Since the original shop is a scarce resource, it is so much, others are rented for a short time is difficult to find idle berth. But now because of the epidemic, poor management Recently some stores will "close their doors", some high-quality bunk resources are released, we can use this opportunity to seize a good position shop.

   Recently, the founder of Urbane Duck pot Duzhong Bing made it clear that, during the epidemic, expanding the department should focus on stores in the popular shopping district surrender situation, take the opportunity to seize the advantage of low-cost contract lots.

   As we all know, every year 2 --3 months are the time the contract expires lot of home building materials stores, most shops facing renewed problems in this period will be, if there is renewed business give up, then bunk resources do not release the key is that you can get to know the relevant information.

   Recently, there are many stores began in the action to help reduce the burden on businesses by the reduction of rent and rent concessions, from Redstar rent-free for one month, after another Xian Daming Palace, home of Jane Eyre, Yantai Darfur Ma home, Qingdao and Guangzhou Weng home stores such as the Louvre announced a rent-free.


   regardless of the length of time, this should be the first ever Chinese home building industry drop to rent stores, has a symbolic significance, the store will present together with the dealer, when the total grams difficult. Now settled in the store, in terms of rent can apply a little more favorable, save rent costs, to spend money wisely. Even if the rent is not much favorable, you can also apply for the decoration-free period, so in disguise rent-free, but also to alleviate some financial pressure.

   If you do have a high-quality brand, is also negotiating with the stores, "chips", high-quality stores willing to shop for high-quality brand and are willing to support the policy, which is the post-operation of the favorable conditions.

   a good brand + = good shops good profit.

   6, the coming season, open the door to a popular

   According to the development status quo of the current speed and provincial epidemic, Wei estimates the most important New Year good start last year and 315 terminalsActivity is not engaged, even if transferred to the line, the effect may not be very good, because the owner does not come out.

   Since miss 315, can not keep up until March the new store was built up, but we definitely can not miss "Golden Week."

   2020 "51" is definitely not the same as May Day, for home building materials dealers, this is the first season, then consumer demand will be very strong, if a new store opening, you can not miss this great opportunity.

   store renovation, sample, test business will take time to prepare, if we are able to determine a good brand, you should be able to store all the things you have to get before April. And a short time manufacturers of new franchisees will not be too much, store design, store sample shipments and counseling services will be better, faster, and we have plenty of time to prepare for the opening.

   until after the end of the epidemic, the store just in time for the season fifty-one activities, open for business on to win applause. If we are uncertain good brand, we will miss the entire first half, usher in a 6--8 month off-season, a direct impact on full-year earnings and sales late in store.

   When the season comes, except that you have not ready.


   7, the recruitment season, raised wide talent

   had finished recruiting season each year under the line is, many people will move out of work, but this year a lot of people can not get out, back to the city time there is unknown.

   but do not go out does not mean that can not find a job, most of the shopping guide, manager and designers are now idle at home, rest also rested, it is time to find a job for a year to think about.

   before going to work in the store can not open the door do not know, the boss may have decided to lay off or transformation, so these people have to fend for themselves. Want to do something, nobody can not do, recruitment can not stop, so-called "current epidemic, more than recruitment, stay at home, online interview, the epidemic is over, immediately go to work."



   whether it is after the novice or veteran, the entry has a learning process training, quickly master brand and product knowledge, increase team cohesion , understanding the extent of the training team, through trial operation activities temperAnd screening talent, so do not wait until the official opening of the "nobody" and worry about it.

   Xiao Bian suggest that you start now looking for, of course, a good brand it easier to attract talent, the people who have ideas, pursue, capable incurred under its command, a big fight it!

   rapid formation of the team together, you far away from success.

   8, demands outbreak began well

   can not go out, can not work, can not consume, and so on, a lot of peoples pent-up demand for food, clothing each section is like to be "frozen", as into the "Ice Age."

   but we do not worry, the demand is, people just need still there, just the same as the start was delayed, it will not disappear, but because there will be a long-term post-repressed explosive growth .

   For more details, see the explosive text: "Do not be afraid of home building materials dealers, after the outbreak of the epidemic business five good news."

   for the duration of the epidemic, we can accumulate a lot of customer interest, can make adequate preparations, ahead of the layout. When the explosive demand comes, we have to have the matter sorted out the products and services, we have to choose a good brand can meet those needs.

   for a new store is concerned, this golden opportunity, you quickly gain a good time.

   Everything is hard in the beginning, as long as the first shot fired behind things more smoothly.

   "ponds" there is also a lot of "fish", large and small, fewer people for fish, for fish will not many people, the key is your "net" Results are not strong, you fishing techniques cooked unskilled, there are no people in seasoned guide you, behind you is not a "fishery Group" do support.

   can not just look at the eyes, to see the future opportunities.


   while others fear greed, only the "reverse operation" in order to see the opportunities usually do not see

   Gods are bold, timid departure, if rely etc. in exchange for life, is almost impossible. There is a chance move, do not move is dead.

   other people waiting to see you in action, youre one step closer away from the success.

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