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   water purification industry development and growth, not only need to develop water purifier manufacturers, it is a Join the campaign, the franchisee is often more difficult when selecting water purifier brand than other industries because of the water purifier market compared to other traditional industries, the development history is shorter, so the information can be found also small, so franchisees in the choice to join the brand, should know about the insider to help us better to join.

   1, malicious buyout Baidu keyword

   Many entrepreneurs think that the more credible the more forward ranking brand in the search for some keywords, it is not true, because the Baidu "PPC" the existence of many of the previous keyword ranking are several manufacturers of throwing money out of the rankings do some small brands like smashing money to flicker ranking entrepreneurs, and some unscrupulous businessmen to directly buy other water purifier brand keywords speculation.

   break the law: when searching for keywords entrepreneurs mainly to see the natural ranking of paid promotion not to place undue reliance on natural ranking is a white background, and paid placement are generally gray background, but also in the upper right corner. " Baidu to promote "words prompt

   2, small-scale manufacturers blowing factory workshop

   water purifier unlimited potential market has attracted many businesses to enter the market in recent years, water purifier manufacturers are springing up like emergence, when the water purifier market now has more than more than three thousand large and small, but most of them are small workshop production enterprises, these manufacturers do not produce their own strength, mostly looking for other manufacturers to do OEM OEM, production difficult to guarantee product quality and after-sales would not be able to keep up! but in order to better investment, these manufacturers often advocated scale manufacturers, entrepreneurs do not want to plant inspection.

   crack method: The best way to trap this investment is the entrepreneur to go and visit some factories, Kim Shi Yu 50000 square meters production base, 20,000 square meters of one million clean production workshop, independent production ultrafiltration membrane the strength of testimony, Shenzhen is one of the largest water purifier manufacturers!

   3, water purifier investment policy Bluff

   a lot of unscrupulous businesses in order to allow delivery of water purification agents, investment when an oral commitment to support a variety of policy, anyway, is what you want to support franchisees, manufacturers promised to support what, until the franchisee to mention the finished goods to betray, to support the implementation of the policy in place.

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