The need for domestic water purifieverification process
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Understanding water


developed countries, domestic water is roughly divided into three, a uniform supply of water for the city, generally used for spraying garden, lawn watering, etc.; two of demineralized water , accounting for 90% of household water consumption of life, such as bathing and washing; three water as pure water, is manufactured by precision water purification equipment, clean sanitation, can cook, drink.


is not around the water, like China, has been a soft Southern North hard, hard Neusoft, says West, the southern coastal areas (the coastal city of exceptions) water quality is good. And in most parts of Beijing higher levels of water calcium and magnesium ions, which is commonly known as hard water. Hard water often bring a lot of harm to people. Hard water under heating, the calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate precipitate, since calcium carbonate is insoluble in water, so they deposited on the heater kettle, boiler walls, Over time, the formation of boiler scale, boiler scale It will hinder the heat transfer heater. If hard water washing clothes, then not only a waste of soap, clothes and easily damaged. Hard boiled meat, beans, vegetables Levin, etc., are easy to cook.

   Of course, hard water does not pose health hazard direct, hard-drinking water quality is an important channel component of people supplement calcium and magnesium.

   corresponding to the hard water is soft water. Water quality in most parts of northern South my country relatively soft, it is because the reduced calcium components in the water at the same time greatly increased sodium content, causing water forwarded acidic. This water is not only itself less calcium, into the body after drinking will also displaces the calcium component of the human body, causing calcium loss.

   In many countries in Europe and America, people tend to get a doctors warning: Do not install the ion-exchange type softener in the cold water pipe on the road, but only in hot water softener installed pipeline, thus ensuring drinking and cooking with still a hard water (calcium-rich mineral components). Similarly, softened water should not be used for irrigation, lawns, gardens and the like, but also because of excess sodium content of the water increases.

   In fact, the water softener can also bring many benefits to people, which can reduce or avoid the formation of scale, suitable for washing and bathing (in particular for the cosmetic effect is remarkable). In addition, it also avoids the energy scale in the water caused by waste, reduce water equipment efficiency and other issues.

   Of course, regardless of the use of all domestic water treatment for the high-quality drinking water is not only not necessary, it will result inGreat waste. Modern people tend to overlook and forget the water itself health treatment; pay attention to the waters purity while ignoring the physiological role of water; pure water and health are two sides of a story. Mainly for water purity in terms of water pollution, health, water mainly for human health in terms of pure water does not mean healthy water, domestic water should be unified so pure and healthy.

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