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   May 28, (000333) s beauty IoT Midea Group and Tencent cloud signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, both sides around the Internet of Things smart home solutions, expand the AI, big data, content services, intelligent products, and other aspects of cooperation, work together promote intelligent home appliances and accelerate the wisdom of life scenes service floor, and jointly promote AIoT (AI things) the strategic development of new industries.


   According to reports, the two sides will be intelligent, digital, cloud services, IoT (Internet of Things) platform interoperability, content services, the core areas of smart green data centers to cooperate, AIoT continue to optimize the user experience of smart appliances, smart home strengthen ecological construction.

   as a smart home solution provider, the United States has a whole category of IoT intelligent white goods and massive data intelligent hardware can provide intelligent hardware products Tencent cloud, scenario development services, to build operating platform and other services.

   In IoT art, Tencent cloud has been built up to cover the cloud, pipe, side, end full link product capabilities, relying for 5G times AI, edge computing technology capabilities, may be provided to cover the terminal of the United States of IoT, platform and ecological building, including a full-service chain.

   US group said the partnership will accelerate the US AIoT process, by creating an open Internet of Things platform, AIoT beauty from household electrical appliance enterprises "small ecology" gradually "multi-brand linkage smart home big ecology ", to seize the high ground intelligence.

   (Source: Zhongzheng Wang, invasion deleted)

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