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   to join the Advisory [ 123] recently, the "innovation and development of a win in the future" as the theme of innovation and development in Shaoxing No Conference "Shenzhen Shaoxing week" held in Shenzhen, the event attracted more than 600 Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen celebrities on behalf of Qi gather a total view of quality development cause, and seek common development vision for collaboration.

   where the first domestic high-end brand Angel drinking water net as Shenzhen local well-known enterprises, participated in the "Shenzhen Shaoxing Week" special coastal city of Shaoxing Investment Promotion. At the meeting, the hole that Angel Angel, president shared the latest water purification new category, and Angel in the coastal city of Shaoxing invest in the core area of 鈥嬧€婼haoxing Angel Environmental Technology Park wisdom.

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   She said, Shaoxing Angel Environmental Intelligence Park, will serve as the largest production base and core R & D base in east China, continue to promote the Angel Group tens of billions of development strategy, the park will be put into production use at the end of this year.

   the beginning of the strategic transformation of the results of the current water purification Angel create a versatile new class

   in the promotion conference, shared the first hole that self-developed innovations Angel - Angel versatile kitchen water purifier. According to reports, Angel versatile kitchen water purifier can stop comprehensive solution to the kitchen health, safe water issues. Specifically, it is through a small two taps, small faucet do turn on the tap to drink directly, leading a large amount of water is great, can quickly resolve the kitchen to wash rice, vegetables, washing dishes, washing fruit, soup and so on all the major throughput, fast water demand.

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   In fact, it was in more than 10 days ago, Angel Almighty has held a kitchen water filter in Beijing new class of the conference, the formal launch of this new product to the public.

   "This is our water purifier manufacturers from a single product, the net water solution results show the strategic transformation of service providers," it means that hole, Angel has 300 patents State Intellectual Property Office patent certificate, and nearly 30 international certification authority. "Promote the application of water technologies, to provide for human safety, health, fashions way of drinking water, is the mission and vision we have been."

   intelligent park construction in Shaoxing maximum speed up industrial layout

   In addition to sharing the latest achievements in the No Angel, the hole that focuses on environmental technology Shaoxing Angel Wisdom Park. It is reported that the park has been identified as a key project in Zhejiang Province.

   holes that said Angel was in the second half of 2017, signed a cooperation agreement with the coastal city investment, investment in the construction of the core area of 鈥嬧€媡he coastal city of Shaoxing Angel wisdom Environmental Technology Park. She further introduced to the project covers an area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 1,000 acres, the goal is to build an annual output of 10 million sets of high-end intelligent net water equipment manufacturing park.

   "In the future, we also hope that things in this building global information service center and Angel University." Speaking Why the coastal city of "bonds", believes that hole, on the one hand, Angel focus on the field of drinking water net 27 on the strength of the brand, construction and scientific and pragmatic development plan, the coastal city is a major cause of their choice; on the other hand, the coastal city of Shaoxing as the core platform into the Bay Areas largest development and open platform, with advanced industrial layout and efficient government services, which is conducive to Angel core R & D and business development in East China.

   "We are looking forward to such a modern industrial town inside, the closer ties tens of billions of Angel Group development strategy and this city together." Finally, it bore an expression of gratitude Angel settled in the coastal city in the course of providing services and support to the Administrative Committee of Binhai New Town.

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