No garbage litter the countrysidis will affect drinking wate
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   the standard of living of the rural variety of colored garbage gradually increased, means of their own resolve has not solve the actual demand, unlike the former Peel vegetables, colored garbage without any measure of incineration is not desirable, not garbage there are just colored garbage old batteries, old electrical appliances.



   In recent years, the start of the rural countryside beware colored garbage, blocked some garbage into the countryside, the purpose is to prevent contamination of soil and water colored garbage. Unlike the rural city, full of trash, clean up the timing was treated to a special place.

   garbage colored sources of raw materials is more complex, more or less toxic, part of polyvinyl chloride, are highly toxic. There is also a polyvinyl chloride composition containing colored garbage, less toxic. Colored garbage itself is a difficult to resolve, the storage time can reach more than five years after defuse such as polyvinyl chloride or PVC variety of other harmful ingredients into the soil as the water washed away a large impact on water pollution.

   old batteries electrical appliances when not treated throw great harm. For ordinary batteries proposals must be recycling, it contains several types of harmful heavy metals, heavy metals do not know can refer to "heavy metal pollution, we often say," which featured five of harmful heavy metals, water sources and caused great human health will hazards, and no more than two or three years old batteries are hard to resolve.

   We want to know something beneficial disadvantages, industrial products to our lives a lot of convenience, but if we do not have a good grasp of profit is not necessarily a good thing. Now life we 鈥嬧€媠hould follow the habits of modern life, the towns began to care about garbage, refuse waste pollution problems, after all, refuse to water pollution is not a problem ignored. Do not think of rural areas as wide as, just throw it does not matter in which corner of one pair. In case you want does not matter, says lost the rubbish generated by hazardous substances has been with the underground water flow around, drinking well water in rural groundwater wells and also know whether still sit tight.

   is seen in the more rural areas off the river floating garbage bagsNear all feel dirty, especially the less rain the most obvious things. A child may be drinking creek water, creek water fish are now rarely seen, smelled an odor, in addition to the impact of domestic waste as well as pesticides and fertilizers. Protection of the environment we live, do not let the water received destroy garbage, it is most responsible for our health and future performance.

   while the activated carbon filter purifier can remove the odor of the water, the RO reverse osmosis membrane can remove heavy metals and toxic substances in the water, an ultrafiltration membrane can remove greater than 0.0001 micron particulate matter. If the homes water supply was contaminated, water and healthy in order to apply appropriate solutions to make recommendations, if not contaminated, please keep up, give yourself a good living environment.

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