Water purifier business the key to success-he routeo gprand
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   the moment, is a consumer-oriented era, domestic consumers pockets are bulging, in the process of consumption, not only the value of products, but also about the quality of services. Therefore, water purifier enterprises must enhance the sense of service, to do service work, so that consumers feel the company in good faith, starting from consumer demand, go pro and marketing route into the internal consumer market.



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   Pre-sale services: to master the skills to keep potential customers

   in basic products the case of security, whether consumers want to buy, will become loyal customers depends on the quality of service provided by the water purifier business. Therefore, water purifier pre-service business center to go, in order to stimulate consumer desire to buy profitable. First, pre-sales service to be patient, patiently answered any doubts raised by the consumer; secondly, pre-sales service to be honest, to be realistic introduce products to the consumer advantages; and finally, pre-sales services have skills, have skills to grasp the consumer psychology and retain customers demand.

   The sale of services: provide cost-effective solutions

   goal is the sale of services to provide customers with cost-effective solutions, "take heart" of the sale of services is not only to let the consumer who buy desirable products, while still allowing them to enjoy the very process of consumption. First, salespeople should seize sales opportunities, and effective sales control and tracking, sales performance must be determined to win; Second, the sales staff to provide consumers with active, enthusiastic, caring and thoughtful sale of services, to promote harmonious natural atmosphere of the relationship between consumers and; thirdly, the sales staff to provide consumers with real high-quality products and services, so that consumers happy consumer.

   after-sales service: to maintain customer loyalty

   service quality directly affect the secondary buying behavior and customer loyalty can be described as critical. Therefore, water purifier enterprises to provide quality service to consumers. First, the water purifier business should have to deal with after-sales service as clearly defined, such as the warranty period, the contents of the warranty, returned required such as the detailed regulations, but also offer attractive additional services, so that consumers feel at ease consumer satisfaction; secondly, water purifier enterprises should take the initiative to complete the service provision made by the content itself, regardless of whether the consumer is required, must be of high qualityService carry out in the end; and finally, after-sales service is also a major propaganda front, water purifier enterprises should seize the opportunity in the consumer service satisfaction at the same time, promote their brands, enhance their credibility.

   In general, water purifier business want to get long-term development, may wish to go pro and routes, improve service quality, to narrow the distance with consumers, to gain market recognition.

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