Water purifier brand cluttcluss to buy a wapurifitoe conside
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鍑€姘村櫒鍝佺墝鏉備贡涓涚敓 閫夎喘鍑€姘村櫒闇€缁嗚€冮噺 So what kind of water purifier a better arrangement, which may be the topic of a lot of consumers are concerned about, talking about water purifier brand on the market a lot now, how to buy it. Several small series the following optional method of providing a water purifier.

1, the product needs to see their selection

   Greatly here to be a brief introduction: activated carbon purifier to remove solid particles, purifying effective odor but not to remove bacteria, as a domestic water purifier is more appropriate; pure water, high filtration precision, good water quality. But also the filtered water contains trace elements, is not suitable for children and senior citizens long-term drinking, water machine is suitable heavy metal contamination in the region; UF water purification, high precision filtration, to remove sediment, algae, bacteria, and other harmful substances, retaining the original trace elements in water. Suitable for family kitchen water and drinking water.

   in a home water purifier systems, the prefilter water mains installed in the home, it can effectively remove impurities rust water, sediment, suspended solids, etc., while protecting other equipment household water, is a family aqueous environment of the first barrier. Water filtered through the water purifier filter drink straight, you can achieve the standard drink used as drinking water; water filtered through the water purifier softener to soften hard water, to prevent fouling, to skin care, protective clothing convenient domestic water. The choice of household water purifiers, home users should actual needs, high-end residential villas and other general installation of complete water treatment system, water quality and can follow the family economic conditions, free combination of different types of home water purifier

   [123 ] 2, product selection to see the brand

   on the market to buy water purifier attention to selecting brand, water purifier brand is now more customers in the selection process must pay attention to choose a good brand reputation. Its after-sales service would be more in place.

   3, product selection look at qualifications

   complete selection of qualified manufacturers, you can query to the relevant qualifications on the website of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health website if the finding the Ministry of Health this document so best not to buy the product.

   4, filter effect product selection look

   This is primarily to see the quality of the cartridge. Tap water of calcium, magnesium and other elements exceeded, there are large scale and when boiling water turbidity, the better I recommend the use of reverse osmosis water purification filter, a commonly used word,You can use ultrafiltration water purifiers, the same can achieve better purification effect.

   These are the four ways to buy a water purifier small series to introduce, the difficulties encountered in the purchase of a water purifier friends may wish to refer to a look.

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