Water softener installation method
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   water softener installation method for a lot of people are not very clear, now to focus on what small series.




a healthy live without high-quality water, household water purifiers precautions in soft water not only focuses on the purchase, installation location to install water softeners and water softener installation conditions is extremely important. Xiao Bian to provide you with a comprehensive water softener installation, make your whole family healthy drink good water, bring to improve the "quality" of domestic water for the family to provide clearer, more pure household water, health care of your family .


Tools / materials

   near the

installation location shall be exclusively drain water softener, which is located below ground level, and without obstruction. There are two holes near a power outlet


mounted position.


Water pressure not less than 2 kg, or with its own booster pump; inlet pressure not more than 4 kg, or with its own valve.


soft water inlet temperature of 4 鈩?-38 鈩? ambient temperature 4 鈩?-60 鈩? the installation location can not be wet.


Method / Step


mounting positions water softener has two basic principles


1 in the cabinet dimensions water softener according to the size of the cabinet is determined - according to model 2. cabinet set according to a size corresponding models given cabinet - the cabinet of selected models.


mounting position selecting


The mounting position of the water softener - bathroom toilet housing area is generally small, basic decoration after completion of the available space is very small, one of the softener market volume relatively large, it is considered to install separate toilet water softener better, as the cabinet can be installed in the basin is ideal. Otherwise bare metal installation became mandatory, and may also consider hanging on the wall, but some unsightly.


The water softener mounted position 2 - Kitchen water softener installed in the kitchen, the ideal position of the cabinet is the cabinet basin, which is currently the most common installation program, but the program size of the water softener there are certain requirements. One machine often requires a separate design a cabinet to store, inch for inch wood gold, high cost of land and kitchen cabinets is also easy for consumers to feel bad choice. If the security outside the cabinet or doing a single closet to put equipment, the cost is quite high, but also consider water, backwaterPipes, sewage pipes to clear the line pipe is always inconvenient.


The water softener third installation position - between the user equipment units generally Villa meter in the basement of the apparatus, so trying to install water softeners are generally mounted near the meter, there is a larger space between devices , so you can consider the installation of a large volume of water, a strong exchange capacity, fully automatic computer machines. Because relatively thick tubes villa units, there is no separate water garden watering, watering the garden it must separate water softener system between the Ministry of go change the water, near the water softener needs to be reserved in Sheung Shui and water and underground water leakage, power supply.


3 cold water inlet pipe and out of the transformation to the mounting position of the water softener, and 20-25 cm in height from the ground. Water into the right side, the left side of the water, access to water 8-10 cm from the center. Water needs to pass through the wall itself Please reserve line hole through the wall (褎5 cm). If water softeners installed in the cabinetry, floor installation required. Set aside an area the size of a good location depends on the size of the purchase of water softeners.


Drinking Water Safety Tips: To install a home water softener must do


water treatment is installed according to specific community and urban water pipe may be. Normal factory water from the water plant are in line with standards. Mainly to see whether the city aging pipes, whether during transportation can cause secondary pollution, she then see whether the cell is a secondary pressurized water supply, whether there are storage tanks, storage tanks have secondary pressurized water general cleaning and disinfection is not timely, will cause secondary pollution of water.


water softener is installed mainly to see if the economic situation of families can afford to buy water softener, that if you do not buy a can buy it, it is entirely possible.


Through the above description, you must be knowledge of the water softener understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the quality and safety Please note that the removal of harmful substances in the work, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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