Suning Double Twelve onhour Report- 90 into thma consumer
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   double this year XII Suning Tesco take the lead in the opening, breath launched "four hours in advance to grab" and "two hours scramjet spike" two special by the consumer blitz.

   Suning big data show that double twelve hours, "she Economy" showcase the charm again, female consumers accounted for 56%, and she will live the beauty and female preference Suning Tesco. Previously, Suning Tesco announced officially set September 21 as the Ladys Day, set up sync "Lady equity fund", female vocal with real money, women want to enhance safety awareness, called for men to respect women for equal rights and independence Women contribute their part.




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   while watching from the ages, 80, 90, 00 after the proportion of consumers were: 30%, 36%, 3%, 90 to become the main force of consumption. This is one of the most significant trends emerging field of Chinese electricity supplier, their ages ranged from 19 years old -28 years old, they had just begun to enter the workplace, for many people, this is the first time in life to become an independent consumer identity By. They can self-shopping and want to take advantage of this purchasing power to proclaim their identity. For them, consumption is a reflection of self-expression.

   From a geographic perspective, orders TOP10 cities are: Shanghai, Beijing, Hefei, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Wuhan. Shanghai champion, won the "cut the hand" title. Not difficult to see, a second-tier cities are still doing my main consumer, the current overall consumer spending power has been the industry trend to upgrade. At the same time, the purchasing power of appearance grade, different people, different vertical areas, the purchasing power of different regions has been graded, Suning retail intelligence force, improve the user through a multi-dimensional portrait, consumer groups support precise positioning and personalized recommendations.

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