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  How do consumers determine whether home water purifier useful to you? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 303 Date: 2018-9-7 17:19:16 When water purifiers increasingly popular around the world, many consumers are still skeptical, home water purifier useful? What criteria is it? For a new product, we do not seem to be very understanding, water purifiers usefulness may have used people know. Heres a look at everyone and principles and the role of water purifier! home water purifier useful? A role: most of our family and then use tap water, and because the water pipes to the users home in the middle distance, so the delivery process must be able to maintain the residual chlorine disinfection. But there are still residual chlorine to the terminal when the water, it is inevitable. In particular, is the leading open in the morning obviously can sniff out one kind of smell that chlorine smell. Chlorine is a very strong impact on human health of chemicals, will produce a chloroform after high temperature, it is a serious carcinogen. Now I can not say water is the safest water, and the water quality has shrunk. Chlorine can skin, nose, mouth three ways absorbed by the body, greatly increase the risk coefficients. Home water purifier useful? Two action: in addition to chlorine in tap water as well as minor impurities invisible, sand, rust and the like. After the pipeline is laid because long-term use of pipeline for corrosion is not visible. By the flow of the water to sediment, rust, also released together, so to eat too many impurities imports. Water quality will gradually turn yellow, the color of the water quality worse the deeper explanation. While the water purifier is the use of more accurate, more stable, more expensive materials for water filtration, which in turn improves the safety factor of water quality. Home water purifier useful? Three functions: in addition to the water inside the pipe out of the sediment and rust aging, there are other invisible to the naked eye harmful substances - bacteria. If the water does not flow, then it will breed bacteria and viruses. This is a recognized, no doubt. The accuracy of the ultrafiltration membrane water purification reached: 0.01渭m level. Various viruses and bacteria in the water, the diameter of the smallest bacteria and viruses can survive in the water is 0.02 m, the membrane pore size is smaller than the water purification bacteria, capable of filtering out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.Home water purifier useful? Four action: water purifier is also characterized by capable of retaining water, minerals, but limited to ultrafiltration water purifier.

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