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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, security STAR actively participate in public practice corporate social responsibility purifiers, water purifiers US environmental health safety tripod. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (July 6 - July 12) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   An STAR actively participate in public practice water purifier Corporate Social Responsibility

   In 2008, Ann Star is the only a in the earthquake, serious water pollution, no water pressure, drinking water (reverse cheer original technology) businesses without power situation resolved. Ann Star Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Citys water purifier brand. Companies in the efforts of business enterprises, positive for the national drinking water health services, not forgetting practical action to actively fulfill their social responsibility, caring extensive welfare activities. [Click for more]

   Han Peisi Weapon selection of practical household water purifiers for you

   With the rapid development of the Chinese peoples quality of life, focusing on quality of life, which is so rich people often mention of the word. However, everyone is different on the pursuit of quality of life, some people think that you can always eat good dinner is to have quality of life, some people think that the whole family wear brand is to have quality of life, it was considered to have an annual holiday abroad is to have quality of life. [Click for more]

   Li Yuen water purifier and agents utmost cooperation to create brilliant

   In fact, manufacturers will always be one, Li Yuen water purifiers combine more than ten years experience in the market concluded that to help agents expand, mainly around the following aspects: first, whether the agency keep fit, to solve the problem of his mind, made him aware of physical fitness is necessary; the second is to give physical health agency method body; third is to do with the large and agents. [Click for more]

   On Lequan water purification agents and dealers how to expand the terminal market

   In the increasingly fierce market competition situation in the water purifier, water purification agents how to market business bigger and stronger? Zhang a water purifier brand marketing director, said water purification agents in the course of operating the water purifier business, in addition to the support of the manufacturers, but also learn to integrate resources for its own manufacturers used, and set up their ownMarketing team, after all, than the manufacturers support. [Click for more]

   - M purifier distributor stores Yongchuan complete renovation began trial operation

   After preparing Yongchuan City distributor stores more than a month renovation completed, has entered the stage of trial operation for the official opening of pre-VIII! this is Chongqing Mr. Chen Hua Kang headquarters after more than a month with the effort of! [click for more]

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