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   March 9, 2015, in the spring Sheng strong day, Xian Mission Network Technology Co., Ltd. held a new conference 2015 to support the source of Xian HNA Hotel, the meeting on industry analysis, the raising of the source new products promotion, marketing strategy has made important report.

   half past eight, all the guests seated for membership, conference kicked off in the Word of the host, the leaders attended this meeting there Bai Yi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Group Chairman Lai whole life, keep the source of Xiamen water environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Lai Xiaohong, general manager, general manager of the Northwest marketing center Luoqian Wen, the raising of the source water Xiamen environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Lung investment director Xiao Wei, vice president of marketing Northwest and Northwest branch Lei, Director of sales marketing Center Du Tao. In the meeting we come to the question of welcome to review the past and look to the future for the title of general manager Luoqian Wens.

   To give you a better and more comprehensive understanding of the source of support, understanding Bai Yi, followed by Bai Yi-Lai, chairman of the Group of speech for everyone, a detailed introduction to the history and current situation of Bai Yi Group as well as future development is in line with the current development of China and the whole focus of note.




(Pictured Lai Shouquan Chairman)

   By 2015, Chinas water industry will be changed dramatically, Northwest vice president of marketing Lei support in the industry report pointed out, water purification industry is part of the health industry, it will certainly be occupied no small share in the overall market, and we have to seize this opportunity to set sail in 2015 to create brilliant.


   of this meeting is the new conference, set sail in order to better sail Year of the Goat, the raising of the source also intensify its efforts to work out more new varieties, new style, in the raising of the source Ms. Lai Xiaohong, general manager of introduction, to participate in the meeting in addition to the exhibition we are familiar with healthy star, future star, etc., as well as new tea bar, spring fog, ecological reduction machine, farmers Springs, Wanquan Black King Kang, the central water treatment , a bath treasure, treasure and other heating.

   Lai, general manager of more than for us to introduce a new variety of sources of support, it is for us to use a variety of experiments, detailed examples of the popularity of water knowledge and Why keep the source of the product, the source of drinking raising of water. Of




(Pictured with customers depends on the total interactive sessions)

   With selected water industry reason and faith, the choice of confidence and trust with the raising of the source, the next is to participate in the market, as the host said, with The water purifier industry, with the support of the source of the brand, with the market open up, we now have the knowledge and together, for water purification market trends in 2015, the sales director Du Tao also made in 2015 marketing strategy report, tell the marketing work center.

   The main content

   over this meeting, and congratulations once again the source of new conference 2015 to support the successful convening of, and to raise the amount of the order 2015 conference the source of the Northwest more than 200 successful conclusion. Also thank you for the support and trust of dealers keep the source, we would like to 2015 sheep sail sail together to create brilliant.

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