The rapid development of water purification industry needed
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   water, is a seemingly simple thing, but behind it passed the stages of drinking water, tap water, bottled water purifiers to several major development. There are means for detecting the next five years, domestic water purifier market capacity will exceed 100 billion yuan mark. For water purifiers, on one hand it is about to break out of the market, on the other hand is a short board domestic enterprises in the production technology. The opportunities, the water purification industry to grasp how short piece of board to homeopathy?

   water purifier market has become the home appliance industry, "meat and potatoes"

   "From 2010 onwards, Patio water purifier sales in the market at the speed, twice the increase every year. "despite the Patio water purifier has been established for nearly 20 years, it can be as Patio water purifier market manager , Wang Liping from 2010, was beginning to feel the outbreak of the water purifier market.

   Similarly, in order to produce clean type appliances mainly target time after Lake are 2011 years ago, to enter the water purifier market. "On the one hand is a water purifier market acceptance of higher and higher, and on the other hand, the market demand but also to the urgent need to expand the product line to Lake consolidate its market position." Lake Electric Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch Marketing Director Zhang is full representation, to seize the water purifier market has become a move companies have to go.

   whether it is deep water purifier market has long been the Patio or "fledgling" the Lake, the water purifier market has undoubtedly become a household electrical appliance enterprises in the eyes of temptation "meat and potatoes." According to the Institute for Prospective industry to provide the latest data show that, over the next five years, domestic water purifier market capacity will exceed 100 billion yuan mark. Since 2014, water industry sales of 12.1 billion yuan, year on year growth rate of 66.9%, far higher than the household appliance market, only 0.25% of the overall growth rate.

   Nevertheless, the share of domestic water purifier market is still can not be compared with other countries. According to Wang Liping, the current water purifier in the domestic market share of only 5% to 10%, while the share of foreign markets in more than 90%, basically every household standard.

   companies have the layout of the three camps are entirely different

   Data show that the market capacity of China at the present stage water purifier has reached 50% annual growth. Is expected to 2019, the national penetration rate of home water purifier market will reach 20% to 30%, about 100 millionOwnership tribunal, the average annual growth rate will reach 30%.

   water purifier is about to usher in the explosive growth in the major appliance business layout which also granted. It is understood that the entire water purification industry is divided into "three camps." Wherein the first camp, mainly by annual shipments amounted to enterprises with more than 900 million yuan, including the United States, Patio (plus Unilever) and other enterprises; annual billings second camp is maintained at 100 million to 500 million between the yuan, the camps main businesses include Angel, Philips, EcoWater, Four seasons song Mu sun rain, Haier, open can, ho Chak, clean water sources and other brands; third camp at the threshold of 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan between 50 million can also be called large-scale domestic enterprises watershed clean water, the camp consists of Gree, TCL, cloud-meter (millet), Sloan, Qin Kang, Ainikesi composition and other brands.

   in terms of brand new, in the case of 2015, companies seek to enter the water industry is different. In 2016, only a few enterprises to enter the kitchen and water purification industry, and most enterprises are a product of two auxiliary kitchen products sales.

   market was mixed technical shortcomings should be solved

   With the brand new entrants have entered the entire water purification industry, there have been good and bad brand, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and many other issues. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 water purifier company has more than 4500, the lack of technological innovation is the entire water industrys hiding something. From 2010 to 2015, different types of technology trends in higher product prices are in. Among them, the fastest growth rate of the reverse osmosis products, low-end homogenization of products getting smaller and smaller living space.

   "ultrafiltration membrane with RO reverse osmosis membrane is the most critical part of a water purifier, the cost of these two films are not low. Today, some of the market price of only 1000 yuan even lower than the price of the product, there is absolutely no two films. "Wang Liping said the water purifier to enter the Chinese market is not short of time, can be managed due to the lack of uniform industry standards, plus water purification products," semi-finished products, low-tech the property, resulting in the entry threshold is very low, and for a large number of formal, non-formal brand influx, but also easy for consumers to lose confidence in the industry.

   "The industry has not yet accepted the first round of reshuffle, the extent of cohabitation can be imagined." Zhang is full it believes that the industry is still in the stage of the outbreak, the next will certainly welcomeTo reshuffle, so companies only seek to ensure that differences in development are not eliminated. To this end, trigger point for the water purifier products as kitchen under difficult installation, Lake last year launched a "free installation" water purifier, so that consumers only need to connect the water tank filled with tap water can be used directly.

   At present, the domestic water purification industry, there are technical short board also had to overcome the problem. "Although for the Patio, the many years of experience let it completely able to do independent research and development with production. RO reverse osmosis membrane can be for such a high-density material, it still needs to rely on imports, domestic enterprises have yet to realize the production . "Wang Liping said that in the field of water purification, foreign production technology to the domestic leading a hundred years. Thus, the entire water purification industry is facing one hand, the domestic market is about to turn on the outbreak situation, on the other hand, there are many challenges still urgently needed to overcome the industry.

   Voices of the industry

   views 1

   yuan more than the market price confusion or unrealistically high

   reporter visited the store process at Gome, Suning and other lines in the , found that pricing water purifier products really poor. Both close to 1 million products, there are one or two thousand "People First price." "The whole industry pricing confusion, a lack of assessment of the product cost, which is the problem faced by the entire water industry." Wang Liping in view, rely on current technology, the price of water purification products reached the million or so were all false high.

   "At present, the water industry should focus on the promotion of RO reverse osmosis membrane. If you do not RO reverse osmosis membrane, for a water purifier is not complete. Can be low-cost products, basically do not have the reverse osmosis membrane. for high-priced products, the cost is fixed. If there are no constraints to be relevant departments, the total cost of less than a thousand companies to sell products to the price on the yuan, this phenomenon not uncommon in the industry. "Wang Liping said.

   and in how to improve the penetration of the water purification products, Wang Liping suggested that developers in the planning of the construction of the building, you can consider the installation of water purification systems, including the water purifier election prior to purchase, install link in advance to housing transactions, will be able to gradually increase the consumer acceptance of water purifier.

   point of view 2

   improve industry standards allow inspection process transparent

   "At present, the country does water quality also provides TDS values. It may be due only provides value, no value for the detection channels to regulate, resulting in some enterprises to muddle through. For example, different areas of different cleanliness of water quality, if you still use the same value to judge, this is no way to reflect the ability of a water purification machine. "According to Zhang Zheng full explanation, TDS value is the purity of water quality indicators at the national R & D departments need to measure the water, the higher the TDS value is, the more impurities in the water. Now, the water purification industry generally use water quality detection pen TDS TDS is called for value, and the detection value obtained TDS also become a key determining water purifier qualified or not.

   Therefore, Zhang is considered full, unified monitoring the condition of the industry is to make the healthy development of the key, but also the needs of the entire industry together the perfect place to go. "perfect should not only regulate the industry standard TDS values, but to standardize technology and good monitoring conditions, such as what sample to be taken from the environment, sample size is. The business monitoring process transparent, it is more important than monitoring value. "Zhang is a full representation.

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