Optional purification method has several attempts determina
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   Now home improvement, install a home water purifier, it has become fashionable. However, a number of domestic professional home water purification experts remind consumers: install home water purifier, should not blind; because of the large stage of China water purifier brand, conceptual confusion, some manufacturers to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers, chaotic sell net water, ultrafiltration machine, water machine regardless of make it difficult for consumers to choose their own home water purifier. However, to truly choose to suit their own use of water purification products, for consumers need to be on the water quality of your own home is a general diagnosis, the general common methods are:



   [123 ] optional purification method has several attempts determination step (picture from the network)


   1 look:. "look", was observed with the naked eye, it can be used a transparent glass from the home tap opening filled glass of water, the precipitate three hours, and then a precipitate was observed whether the bottom of the cup, if any, impurities in the water suspension described too.

   2 hear:. "Smell" is to use nose to feel the smell of water, my countrys current water they use chlorine disinfection, if exceeded will produce chlorine, a very pungent odor. .

   3 taste: "taste", of course, is about to try to drink, method: hot drinking water, whether there is bleach (chlorine) taste, if you can smell bleach (chlorine) taste, indicating that the water in excessive chlorine! you must use a water filter for a terminal treatment. .

   concept 4:. "View" is not the same with the look, some concept is to observe the water situation, within a certain time method: using tap water to make tea, whether black tea was observed after overnight if black tea? described in tap water containing iron, manganese seriously overweight, with a terminal treatment should be used in addition to iron, manganese water purification cartridge;

   5 products:. "goods" tea products with the same water to give hard to understand, method: pour a glass of water, boiled water taste, taste Sese feeling whether and if so, explain the water hardness is too high?. .

   6 search: "check" is to check the homes water heater, kettle, whether the inner wall of the junction layer of yellow dirt some of the water storage containers if hard water at home will be scaling, which is what we? often said that the "scale."

   With the advent of ultrafiltration machine, water machine, soft water machine and a series of home water treatment devices, these common household drinking water has become a problem can be solvedBut with the increasing penetration of water purifiers, water purifiers some very important to use common sense you will need to have some understanding.

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