Why install a water purifier pre-reducing valve
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   family installed a water purifier, the best in water inlet install a pressure reducing valve, so why install a water purifier pre-reducing valve below it take you to find out?.




the filtered water purifier can float, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms, etc., can effectively ensure safety of drinking water, it has more accuracy high filtration technology.


home use water purifier filter technology as five or six purifier water purifier filter technology, five filtering technology, also known as the first stage to the second stage filter PP cotton filter (the PPF), granular activated carbon (UDF) filter, the third stage is a precision activated Carbon (CTO) filter, for the fourth stage reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, after the fifth stage of activated carbon. Finally, six water purifier filter technique also added a weakly basic filter technology, energy bars (PPF + + granular activated carbon filter sintered activated carbon membrane + + + weakly basic post carbon energy bars).


It can be seen, the water purification filter various core parts, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the water filter of the water pressure is required, it is generally between 0.15 ~ 0.30Mpa. If the water pressure is too high, the breakdown of water purification filters, water purification effect resulting in deterioration of water quality deterioration. Accordingly, it is necessary to install the pressure reducing valve pre-purifier, when the water pressure, without reducing pressure; water pressure is high, can be regulated. Thus ensuring the quality of purified water, allowing users to drink safe water. Valve is by adjusting the outlet pressure inlet pressure is reduced to a need and rely on the energy of the medium itself, so that automatically maintain a stable outlet pressure of the valve. Action principle by the relief valve is a valve flow path resistance to flow partially reduced pressure, water pressure drop range is automatically adjusted by a thin connecting flap or export water pressure on both sides of the piston.


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